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Waste-oil furnaces-sales & svcs (whol) waste-plastics (wholesale) carbonic gas (wholesale) chemicals (wholesale) chemicals-storage & handling artificial flowers-wholesale artificial flowers-mtrls/supls (whol) florists-wholesale florists-supplies

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Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners laboratory furnaces artificial teeth, bridges, etc., made in dental labs such as cut flowers, potted flower and foliage plants, and flower seeds Tobacco Farming tobacco

Acetylene gas generators (wholesale) 20130 Acid (inorganic) (manufacture) Acid (organic) (manufacture) Artificial flowers and fruit made of paper Dental laboratory furnaces (manufacture) Dental laboratory instruments and equipment

Artificial flowers, exc. glass (mfg.) 327212 Artificial flowers, glass manufacturer's sales–Code as wholesale trade by type of merchandise 6470 511110 Branch office, newspaper Ceramic furnaces (mfg.) Ceramic glazed brick (mfg.) Ceramic kilns (mfg.)

Flowers A & M Express, Inc. 847-915-0300 847-931-5105 1994 Monday Drive Elgin Professional and Management Development Training, Safety Sewer and Storm Drain;Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair Brandenburger Branscombe Cable Company, Inc 312-226-7718 312-226-7719 P.O

Mineral, oil, and gas leasing and royalty dealers Mineral leasing dealers Mineral royalties dealers Artificial flowers Planters and flower pots Dried flowers Flowers and nursery stock Flowers, fresh wholesale Sightseeing tour companies Tours, conducted

Artificial flowers and plants Artist's Supplies Dentures Art Trade Plastic frames, Flowers and plants-wholesale and export Furnaces (Industrial) Ozone Moss removing companys Dust remove Eye laser treatment

Using torches or heating furnaces. 0112.18 0112.19 0112.20 0112.21 0112.22 0112.23 0112.24 0112.25 0112.26 0112 exhaust gas recirculation (egr) cooler, diesel particulate filter arranging live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage. floral design concepts. tools and equipment used

Crude petroleum and natural gas production 09002 10101 Slaughtering of livestock 10102 Slaughtering of poultry furnaces and furnace burners Wholesale of artificial flowers and plants 46459 46461 Wholesale of medicinal and pharmaceutical products

Artificial flowers Artificial limbs Ash trays Asphalt and asbestos products 20657, wholesale 20706, 20708 Automobiles, used, wholesale–classify by type Automobiles: new, fleet 20702, 20704 Furnaces Furnishings, boys' Furnishings, men's

Wholesale and retail trade; furnaces and furnace burners 2816 Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment 2817 Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment) — growing of flowers,

And lignite 051 0510 Mining of hard coal 052 0520 Mining of lignite 06 Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas 061 0610 Extraction of crude petroleum 062 0620 furnaces and furnace burners 2816 growing of flowers, including production of cut

Manufacture and Repair of Ovens, Furnaces and Furnace Burners 28150 Manufacture of Gas; Wholesale of artificial flowers and plants 46459 Wholesale of handicrafts and fancy goods nec 4646

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