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Heat Pump Systems Dual Fuel 2 Stage HP – 1 Stage Gas Heat + 2 Stage Cool VT3000 3 Heat + 2 Cool Gas Thermostat Terminals Sequence of Operation Y2 O/B W2/E G W Y R

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(restriction) of gas furnace at an outdoor temperature above Upon a call for first stage heat, the heat pump (only) operates in heating. MAKE THIS JUMPER CONNECTION ONLY IF THE FURNACE NEEDS FAN

Installation information for trane units 1. trane energizes the switchover valve in cooling 2. on two stage gas heat you can jumper first & second stage together, first stage starts after 10

HEAT PUMP-GAS FURNACE-ELECTRIC HEAT-AIR CONDITIONING 1. Shut the power off to the heating and cooling unit. Small jumper between y and w for heat pumps. O terminal is for heat pumps ener-gized in cool. Wire does not need to be

Additional jumper wires are included in this package and should be used if the original wiring does not reach the control after mounting. Refer to the furnace wiring diagram for proper connection of the wires. ignite gas within the same call for heat,

Gas Furnace Wiring Diagram Thermostat My old thermostat had a short wire connecting Rh and Rc. How do I install this systems) are a combination of a furnace (usually gas or oil) and a heat pump.

Fully Electronic Owner’s Manual Thank goodness for Goodman.TM. Page 2 Contents Page # 1 Stage Gas Heat Residential Gas or Millivolt units. should be set for GAS (FAN) and Jumper #2 (J2) should be set for GAS for for typical gas furnace heating with electric cooling.

With dual fuel systems (heating system with both heat pump and gas furnace), unless the system is controlled with a dual fuel accessory relay kit. The jumper is located on back of the thermostat face as shown in the illustration to

Natural Gas, LP, Oil) Single Stage Furnace . Heat Off Delay _____sec. Heating Speed Tap Selected_____ Cooling Speed Tap Selected + NOM/ NOM / – NOM J2 jumper: AC/HP EFFICIENCY /HP COMFORT . OPERATIONAL CHECKS . FLASH CODE _____ (number) FLAME SENSOR CURRENT _____ u. A D.C . Voltage

Goodman Gas Furnace Thermostat Wiring Diagram Goodman Gas Furnace Parts Pressure Switch Diagram. Wall Mounted Fireplace with TV Above. Mendota Gas Fireplaces.

2nd Gas Stage Heat Reversing Valve Outdoor Te mp Sensor Outdoor Te mp Sensor Control Board Two Stage Furnace Heat Pump Honeywell VisionPro R YC O To Outdoor Te mp Sensor Y2 L E AUX S1 S2 RC R O/B Y G C RC Factor Jumper Diagram #13 AC Heat Pump with Two Stage Gas Furnace and Honeywell

SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT MANUAL Gas Furnace: N9MSB Jumper R to W. c. Run furnace for 3 minutes. d. Measure time (in sec) for gas meter to complete 1 revolution and note reading. HEAT OFF−DELAY TWINNING AND/OR COMPONENT TEST TERMINAL

69-2421ES—03 ii Quick Installation Guide Identify System Type This thermostat is compatible with the following systems: • Gas, oil or electric furnace

Dual fuel systems (gas furnace & heat pump combined) without adding a special kit. See Note below. 3A 2 The jumper is located on back of the thermostat face as shown in the illustration to the right. Cut the jumper using small diagonal cutters being

Note:If you have an electric furnace system and the blower does not operate after installation, remove the thermostat, turn it over, and find the electric/gas heat selector jumper on the

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