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With the heater for easy LP gas conversions Side-Mounted 3/4” Cold Water Inlet-For ease of installation when cold water supply originates below the structure. Top-mounted 3/4" hot water outlet. Standard-Vent Models (Figure 2) AIR INLET (G)

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U Exit Air or Gas Temperatures to 540°C (1000°F) U Inlet Air or Gas Temperatures Air Heater 11.1 (0.44) 34.9 (1.38) 15.9 (0.63) 38.1 (1.50) AHP-NPT34 Exit Cold Air Entry 6 7 5 8 5 10 9 4 1 2 3 5 Optional stainless steel bushing.

air through the cold-air return vents. This air is pulled Furnace venting should be in good condition and free • Natural gas is lighter than air. If natural gas is released, it rapidly dissipates into the atmosphere

The cold water supply to the water heater and open a hot water faucet and the drain valve. While the wa-ter heater is draining, read heater is new and there is air in the gas line, it may take several attempts to light the pilot. TROUBLESHOOTING

Pilot tube and thermocouple/thermopile to gas conrol/gas valve. Step 12. Install inner door per SERVICE PROCEDURE RG-I, the gas and air mixture properly proportioned by adjusting the air shutter on the mixer face of the main burner Turn off cold water supply to heater.

INSTRUMENT GAS HEATER The CATCO Model 2600 instrument heating other objects or the air surrounding them. Safety WORKING SCHEMATIC OF THE INSTRUMENT GAS HEATER Electrical Power Hot Gas Cold Gas Fuel Supply to Catalytic Heater Flow.

Ground, than those exposed to severely cold air. However, the lower level of a buried pipe can interfere with gravity feed of the fuel. Also, water cause malfunctioning in an oil or gas-fired heater in cold weather. All chimneys and flues that ex-haust combustion gases from fuel-heating de-

Do not store products of this sort near the heater. Also, air which is brought in contact with the heater should not contain any of these chemicals. If necessary, uncontaminated air should • Turn off the gas and cold water inlet valve to the heater.

Heck that the gas is turned on at the water heater, gas meter, or cylinder. If the system is propane, make sure that gas is in the tank. Ensure Remove water filter to drain the cold water. ompressed air may be used to purge any water left in the system. Manual Draining of the Water Heater

How to use less, save money 30% post-consumer waste October 2010 nnsulate the first six feet of hot and cold water pipes I connected to the water heater.

Where it transfers heat to the incoming cold air. The air heater is the last component that removes heat from the exhaust gas, so any heat remaining in the gas at its exit is lost to Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Air and Gas Path – Chaplin R.A.

Air Intake Φ 2" Exhaust Gas Vent Φ 2" Ho tWa er Outle Φ 3/4" R ecirculation Inl t Φ 3/4" Cold Wa ter Inl Φ 3/4" Gas Inlet Φ 3/4" Cond ensa te Outl Φ /1 2" NPE Navien Premium Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heater For more information visit

TECHNICAL DIAGNOSIS AND SOLUTIONS BULLETIN Polaris Heaters With Pressure Switches Installed on the Air Intake problem when a Polaris water heater is drawing extremely cold air. The cold air is

Modulating Condensing Natural Gas Water Heater Hot/Cold Hot/Cold Gas Conn. n e 30° 68° 90° 90° A C D E F G B Combustion Air Intake 4” PVC Gas Conn. Hot e Hot Cold Exhaust Vent Conn./ Condensate Assembly 4” PVC Model Dimensions in Inches (cm)

On the center pipe beneath the water heater is a barrel shaped screen filter. This may be Shut off the cold water input to the water heater. A shut off valve should be installed below the filter housing. NOTE: If you cannot locate the shutoff

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