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The blower. Suburban furnaces operate on 12 -volt DC current that is supplied either by a 12 -volt preferably just before the beginning of the heating season. SUBURBAN 12-VOLT DC ELECTRONIC IGNITION GAS FURNACES

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gas filling.) Includes butane soldering iron with ignition button, pocket size soldering iron & torch ready to use within 20 seconds. Approximate temperature soldering iron +410°F (+210°C) to +750°F as a torch, hot blower, and hot knife.

Model 31 and 33 DVI Gas Fireplace Inserts. gas heating that offers you a “top-quality” gas fireplace insert at an affordable price. Shown with Universal face, traditional logset and common brick fireback options. Blower Control Comfort Control Switch Battery Back-up MAin Burner Switch

• Pressure regulated for optimal gas consumption, • Also includes torch stand, 2.4 mm solder tip, hot blower and hot knife. Part No. ST900D Bernzomatic Vendor Code: BOM 8 1 soldering and heating jobs. • Brass construction for durability. Part No. JT680

INSTALLATION & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE DS300 BRAZING HEARTH FLAMEFAST (UK) LIMITED Unit 2 . Check the gas connections and the torch for gas escapes. Do The Flamefast heating torch can also be used for heating work for hardening and

Blower Control Comfort Control Switch Battery Back-up Main Burner Switch Heating Capacity:* 600 to 2,000† Sq. Ft. the award winning Tempest Torch outdoor and table top gas lamp. Ask your Lopi dealer for details.

CAUTION: AN OVERFILLED GAS BOTTLE CAN BE DANGEROUS. When a Hydro Flame Furnace is in operation, the firebox is usually under a low pressure condition; therefore, IMPORTANT: To assure sufficient return air to the circulating blower,

Gas Forge Construction Manual by David Robertson, copyright 2007 If you have a torch you could warm it up a bit to make . Gas Forge Construction Manual (no blower) that should be it. If you have a blower right after you turn on the ball valve you need to plug the blower in.

The Napoleon ® Hybrid Series furnaces switch from wood to the supplementary heating source (electric for the HMF100, electric, oil and gas for the HMF150 and HMF200) automatically. You can watch the torch-like secondary flames just below the ceiling during the burn.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Demonstrate correct procedure for connecting torch equipment including regulators, tanks, hose, torch, evaporates mounted in the inlet or outlet of the system blower

HEATING Propane/Oil Code Ref. Description Day Week Month HE0504 A HE1505 D Torch – Propane HE1514 E Heater – Propane – 100,000 BTU HE1515 E Heater – Propane – 130,000 BTU HE1516 F Heater – Propane – 150,000 BTU HE1518 G Heater with blower – Propane – 200,000 BTU HE1520 E Heater – Propane

heated by filing or sanding prior to heating. • Ignite torch away from face, hands, clothing, or other flammable material. Gas Torch Tip (D) Hot Blower Tip Fine Soldering Tip REFILLING OPERATION 1. Use only Bernzomatic Butane fuel when refilling torch.

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