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Ask the group what extra precautions should you take in outdoor cylinder storage areas. Answers might include: O Not storing near electrical wires;

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Sensidyne Document No. 7013951M (Rev F) PRELIMINARY 81 SENSALERT®APPENDIX B SENSOR MANUAL METHANE & PROPANE K-FACTORS FOR CATALYTIC SENSORS The table below shows the variation in response for the Combustible Gas Sensor as K-factors (multipliers).

K-Series HigH intensity Heaters Features: Available in single stage ‘K’ and 2-stage ‘STK’ Available inputs of 30,000 to 200,000 BTUH Operates on Natural or Propane gas

Chemistry 360 Dr. Jean M. Standard Problem Set 3 Solutions 1. (a) One mole of an ideal gas at 298 K is expanded reversibly and isothermally from 1.0 L to 10 L.

Q k k+Q Figure 1: An electron-hole pair excitation, denoted j ~ k; k + Q>, in a non-in teracting electron gas. ~ k + Q lies just ab o v e the F ermi surface. This means that pair excitations exist with arbitrarily

An ideal gas is contained in a vessel at 300 K. The temperature of the gas is then increased to 900 K. (i) By what factor does the average kinetic energy of the molecules change, (a) a factor of 9, (b) a factor of 3, (c) a factor of , (d) a factor of 1, or (e) a factor of ?

K.A.R. 82-3-802. Gas-gathering services and access, complaint, hearing. K.A.R. 82-3-803. Abuse of complaint procedure. K.A.R. 82-3-804. Notice of termination. ENHANCED RECOVERY SEVERANCE TAX EXEMPTION: Page M-1 through M-3 (09/01) K.A.R. 82-3-900.

• Temperature ~ Average KE of each particle • Particles have different speeds • Gas Particles are in constant RANDOM motion • Average KE of each particle is: 3/2 kT

II. The Gas Laws A. Boyle’s Law P V PV = k A. Boyle’s Law The pressure and volume of a gas are inversely related at constant mass & temp P V PV = k 1.

5. A gas occupies a volume of 40.0 milliliters at 20°C. If the volume is increased to 80.0 milliliters at constant pressure, the resulting temperature will be equal to

K.A. BROWN OIL AND GAS, LLC, ) et al. ) ) DEFENDANTS-APPELLANTS ) CHARACTER OF PROCEEDINGS: Civil Appeal from the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County, Ohio Case No. 2012-265 JUDGMENT: Affirmed. APPEARANCES: For

Producers and consumers of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and crude oil. Enterprise transports natural gas, NGLs and crude oil through 32,776 miles of onshore and offshore pipelines. Services include natural gas transportation, gathering,

Business plan, prices and demand for oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids, our ability to All investors receive a partnership K-1 at the end of the BPL, EPB, EEP, ETP, EPD, KMP, MMP, NS, OKS, PAA, SEP, WPZ. (3) Includes: AMID, APL, BKEP, CQP, CHKM, CPNO, CMLP, XTEX, EROC, GEL

PAA Natural Gas Storage LP NYSE/PNG 2010 Oil & Gas a schedule K-1 after year-end, showing their share of the MLP valuations Historically, many MLPs have, in practice, made signifi-cant simplifying assumptions in their valuation

Center Coast MLP SMA 2012 MLP K‐1 SCHEDULE MLP Holding Ticker Date Expected Website 1 Access Midstream Partners, LP ACMP 3/1/2013 15 PAA Natural Gas Storage, LP PNG 2/25/2013 https:

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