Gas Patio Heater Not Igniting

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This patio heater. General safety information is presented in these first few pages and is also DANGER immediately call you gas supplier or fire department. Failure to comply with the precautions and instructions provided with this heater can result in death, serious

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Feature Comforts Gas Heater Manual Best Patio Heater In this guide we will highlight the very best patio Heat your home by using this Williams Propane Gas Blue Flame Heater with quick and easy igniting, and an automatic shutoff feature for your

PATIO HEATER INSTRUCTION MANUAL 6. If odor persists, contact your dealer or gas supplier PYRAMID HEATER WARNING: FIRE OR EXPLOSION MAY OCCUR IF INSTRUCTIONS ARE IGNORED a safe distance away to avoid clothes burning or igniting.

Component of the patio heater is tampered with, A Natural Gas Patio Heater is not designed for relocation to varying locations, so the most preferable permanent to the heater not igniting when required for use on the next

LPG – Portable gas heaters ‘mushroom’ patio heater and the ‘rocket’ industrial • Radiant heat igniting nearby combustible materials; • Hot surfaces causing serious burns when touched; • Poisonous combustion fumes accumulating in

Structions for patio heater, item no. 12016 Please read before starting! does not come into contact with any part of the heater. • When igniting the gas flame take special care to keep your head away from the burner.

ENERGY STAR® qualified natural gas water heater. Water Heater Tech Talk BTU/hr stands for ’British Thermal Unit’ and measures the heating power of your water igniting combustible products spilled or stored near your water heater. With this safety feature,

TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE FOR FIRE PITS AND FIRE TABLES Is the Gas valve open at the gas tank? If not, open the gas valve fully by turning to the left until you cannot turn any more. 2. Is the igniter producing a spark when the switch is depressed? If not

Gas valves are not serviceable; the following are simple troubleshooting and description of how gas valves operate. A. Thermocouple-Only: Troubleshooting: Most problems with this type of valve are due to thermocouple problems. Check the following: 1.

Used are the ‘mushroom’ patio heater and the ‘rocket’ industrial workshop heater. • Leaking gas which can ignite and explode; • Radiant heat igniting nearby combustible materials; • Hot surfaces causing serious burns when

Make sure all patio heater and light valves are OFF. 5. Turn cylinder valve ON. If bubbles appear at any connection, there is a leak. 1. seconds before igniting the gas will cause a ball of flame upon ignition. When heater is ON:

If you don't see your question about Fireplaces, Patio Furniture, How do igniting the gas which Just like a light bulb, Christmas it any longer I was going to add at least a gas space heater if not a gas fireplace.

It is the consumer's responsibility to see that the patio heater is properly assembled, installed, and taken care of. Gas connections on the heater are leak tested at the factory prior to shipment. keep a safe distance away to avoid clothes burning or igniting.

6 location requirements and considerations warning it is not desirable to install a gas fired water heater in a residential garage. if installation in a residential garage is

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