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Patio Heater Weight Type : Propane / BTUs : 40000 / Area Covered : 10 ft. radius / Product Width : 31-1/2. Random Commercial natural Gas Patio Heater Commercial Patio Heater Commercial Stainless Steel Patio Heater. >>>CLICK HERE<<<

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Make sure all Patio Heater & Light valves are OFF. Turn Cylinder Valve ON. Disconnect Gas line. Heater is upright in a secure location. 11 Troubleshooting responsibility of the owner and are not covered by this warranty.

Find great deals on eBay for Outdoor Gas Heater in Patio Heaters. Heats instantly, Use indoors or in a covered outdoor area. The Gasmate Deluxe Electric Wall Heater is easily installed and is perfect. Gasmate Stainless steel gas outdoor gas patio heater.

2 Propane Patio Heater Manual. Table of ConTenTs WaRnIng: befoRe TURnIng gas sUPPlY on YoUR PRoPane PaTIo heaTeR Was desIgned are also not covered. 3. In addition, the Limited Warranty does not cover damage to the finish,

ECOLINE PATIO HEATER Infrared outdoor heater ventilated (covered patio, beer tents, etc.) 7. 16. The gas hose should be inspected every five years by an authorised specialist. 17. If the gas hose is damaged, it must be replaced by

Patio Heater Instructions OZGLOW HE 40 Hi/Lo The suspended gas heater; model HE40 will heat the patio while leaving the floor free of obstruction. This unit features: o Commercial use: The Parasol OZGLOW heater is covered by a 90-day

Effective solutions for outdoor heating currently available, with a number of benefits over gas patio heaters. How do they work? Gas Patio Heater Output: 12kW Landlord, Rising Sun Public House Christchurch, Dorset Convenience comes as standard

Features & Benefits Of Owning An ALVA Patio Heater: Contact Details: purge the excess gas themselves. Patio Heater FAQ’s: (continued) Q: Can a cylinder be overfilled? If the problem is not covered under the product warranty,

The OZGLOW SP40 patio heater is for use with natural gas or propane gas. Gas pressure details The Parasol OZGLOW heater is covered by a 90-day Microsoft Word – SP40 Free Standing Heater.doc

Itm. / art. 966688 assembly and for your safety: if you smell gas ( & & $ ˜) 6/7//736/8 9, ˜˛%(˝˛%, woven wicker patio heater important, retain for future reference: read carefully. ˛ $ ˘ ˘ + & ˘ ˇ &

Nexgrill Patio Heater Parts gas grill, or patio heater working made a house call, diagnosed the genuine parts are not covered. Outdoor Patio Heaters / Outdoor Grills / Infratech Heaters / Sunpak Heaters/ Sunglo Heaters / Patio Comfort

Patio Heaters Outback® Patio Heaters Model Gas Bottle Size Outback® Patio Heater Propane 10kg D. For Your Safety If you smell gas: • Never operate the heater with the top half covered (burner head, reflector, etc.)

INFRARED RADIANT TUBE HEATER. 1) This heater is for Indoor Installation and Covered Patio Installation only and can be used in either Vented or A gas connector certified for use on a tubular type infrared heater per the standard for Connectors for Gas

Minimum clearance to combustibles label and the proper gas to be used. Patio-Pal® Gas-Fired Infra-Red Patio Heater Patio Heaters covered in this manual, are warranted by Detroit Radiant Products Company to

This heater is for Indoor Installation an d Covered Patio Installation only and can be used in either Each 50’ LTU tube heater contains one 10’ Starting Body Package and one 15’ Body MUST BE made when this heater and all other gas burning equipment that is connected to the

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