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combustion air from outside through a dedicated air intake. All by-products of combustion are vented directly outside, home, direct vent, natural gas 30 gallon water heater with 30 Btu/hr input. Manufactured Home Gallon Capacity Direct Vent Natural Gas

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Do not connect a natural gas water heater to an L.P. gas supply. Do not connect an L.P. gas water heater to a natural gas supply. 7. Combustion Air not be stored or used near the water heater or air inlet. Combustion and ventilation air requirements are determined by the location of the

CH Water Heater, Commercial Page 2 of 12 01/01/14 Milpitas Building & Safety Department Water Heater, Commercial • Water heaters supported on the ground shall rest on level concrete or other approved base extending not less

Residential Gas Direct Vent / Sealed Combustion Water Heaters all combustion air from outside the building through the outer pipe and natural gas 40 gallon water heater. Gallon Capacity NAECA Compliant Balanced Flue Natural Gas. Title:

Phoenix Gas-Fired Mod/Con Water Heaters are specifically designed COLD WATER INLET AIR VENT GAS CIRCULATOR HOT WATER HOT OUT TANK EXPANSION VALVE SOLAR PANEL RETURN LINE The water heater shall be a sealed combustion system,

VENTING & COMBUSTION AIR. Natural Gas Modulating, The AERCO gas-fired water heater is a high efficiency, forced draft, communicating with the outdoors for boiler/heater room combustion and ventilation air for each unit. For

BURNER WILL NOT Dirty or clogged air intake screen. Poor combustion. SIZZLING – RUMBLING SOOTING WATER LEAKS LEAKING T&P VALVE SMELLY ODORS PILOT OUTAGE Government/industry efficiency numbers consider only energy cost per gallon of heated water. Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting

Residential Gas Water Heater TEMP. CONTROL KNOB HEATING SYSTEM OUTLET HEATING SYSTEM RETURN GAS SUPPLY COLD WATER INLET AIR INLET EXHAUST OUTLET air/gas ratio. The combustion system shall be factory adjusted and require no field adjustment on startup.

• 3” Combustion Air Residential / Commercial Gas Tankless Water Heaters ULTRA-LOW NOx NON-CONDENSING TANKLESS WATER HEATERS INDOOR MODELS GTS-110U, GTS-310U, GTS-510U OUTDOOR MODELS GTS-110U, GTS-310U, GTS-510U Fully modulating, gas fired, tankless water heater with sealed combustion and

COMBUSTION AIR SECTION 701 GENERAL 701.1 Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall govern the requirements for combustion and dilution air for fuel-burning appliances other than gas-fired appliances. The requirements forcombustionanddilutionairforgas-firedappliancesshallbe

A gas water heater cannot operate properly without the correct Turn “OFF” gas to water heater and leave “OFF must not restrict combustion air flow. WARNING This water heater must not be installed directly on carpet-ing.

COMBUSTION AIR CALCULATIONS appliance is being installed. All BTU ratings are the input ratings. Appliances that receive combustion directly from the exterior Furnace BTU’s _____ Hot Water Heater BTU’s_____ Gas Dryer BTU’s_____ Other Appliance BTU’s _____ (A

Non-direct vented water heater that takes its combustion air either from the installation area or from air (see “Air Requirements”). • Access to gas supply If installing the water heater in a closed water system,

WATER HEATER REQUIREMENTS CITY OF PLANO BUILDING INSPECTIONS Combustion Air (Gas Water Heaters Where located in a confined space (less than 50 cubic feet of area for each 1000 BTU input rating of water heater) a high and low combustion air opening must be provided within 12 inches of the

CITY OF CYPRESS Building Division 5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress, California 90630 locations of water heater, combustion air, venting & vent cap, seismic protection/strapping, of the water heater, minimum 4" above gas control valve and 4" below side T & P outlet.

NATURAL GAS WATER HEATER: • Upper and lower combustion air vents are required where water heater is located inside an enclosure. Vent sizing is based on 2009 International Residential Code. Water Heater Installation Requirements .

Phoenix Gas-Fired Mod/Con Water Heaters are specifically designed COLD WATER INLET AIR VENT GAS CIRCULATOR HOT WATER HOT OUT TANK EXPANSION VALVE SOLAR PANEL RETURN LINE The water heater shall be a sealed combustion system,

Residential Gas Fury Direct Vent Vertical Water Heaters Fury™ direct vent vertical gas water heaters use outside air for combustion, offer longer venting vent water heater and installed in accordance with the

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