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Therefore, the water heater gas line connection will have to be modified to 3/8˝ N.P.T. in order to use the current Robertshaw control. Atwood water heater tank is designed with an internal air gap at the top of the tank to reduce the possibility of weeping

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501.5 Water heater labeling. All water heaters shall be Gas-fired water heaters shall conform to the requirements of the International Fuel Not have a threaded connection at the end of such pip-ing. 12. Not have valves or tee fittings.

Purge air from gas line Check spark gap and reset to 1/8” Pilot partially clogged 4. Improper gas pressure 5. Improper ground 6. Spark ignitor is damaged, dirty or has loose connection 7. Poor flame rectification Check for proper up draft venting Replace water heater Smelly water

RH Water Heater Page 3 of 13 1/01/15 Milpitas Building & Safety Department Water Heater ! Expansion Tank – any water system provided with a check valve, backflow preventer, pressure regulator or any

Hot Water Heater GEOTHERMAL DOMESTIC HW & HYDRONIC STORAGE TANKS domestic hot water A pair of 1 in. connections on top of the storage tanks allow for easy installation and trouble-free operation in geothermal hot Optional “From Geo” Connection

THE WATER HEATER Gasoline, connection fittings required. (Refer to the “INSTALLATION” Section of this Water Heater Gas Direct Vent discharge must comply with Local and State Code 1 2 0 ° F t o 1 3 1 4 0 ° F 0 ° F ( 6 0 ° C)

gas appliance & water heater . connectors . list price schedule – july 1, 2015. 40-6 3/8" flare cap. 026613004921 1.19: 40-8 1/2" flare cap: au2-8-6s male gas union 1/2" od flare x 3/8" mip steel: 026613053707 2.72: au2-8s male gas union 1/2" od flare x 1/2" mip (3/8" fip) steel:

Electrical connection tight. Heater properly grounded and proper polarity observed. 17 Tee fitting for vertical hot water supply lines. Hot water supply to Water Heater Gas vent discharge must comply with Local and State Code 0 1 2 ° F t o 1 3 0 ° F 1 4 0 ° F Vacuum Relief lve

1 This water heater design has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association for installation in recreation vehicles. This water heater is not for use in marine applications.

This solar electric water heater’s design is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and listed in accordance with UL 174. C-UL listed in

GX200 GX200P GX250 GX250P Connect a 3/4” NPT coupler (1) to the water heater’s hot water connection. 2. In addition, the Condensing Gas tankless water heater shall be supplied with the following optional features:

RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC WATER HEATER This style water heater will have one or two electric, heating elements immersed in the tank. One element will always be Connection to an off-peak clock interrupts power to the lower thermostat and heating

Residential Electric Water Heater may 2008 40 Lesage Avenue, Montreal-East (Quebec) Loose wiring connection. Lightning/Power surge. Low/Hiqh voltage. Short circuit. Wiring connections are wrong Wiring connections are loose.

Cause a disruption of the cold water supply to the remainder of the cold water system. The valve shall be provided with access on the same floor level as the water heater served.

This solar electric water heater’s design is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and listed in accordance with UL 174. C-UL listed in

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