Gas Water Heater Pilot Tube

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Gas Water Heaters from mobile apps and oversized baths may require a larger sized water heater. Water Heater Residential Gas connects directly to a dip tube which directs the incoming water to the bottom of the tank.

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The enhanced design provides the latest technological advancements in gas water heating. makes lighting the pilot fast and easy. Whirlpool® Standard Gas Water Heater Specifi cations PSGS1013 SOS # 89263. Title: PSG1013.indd

Gas Water Heater Energy Losses Peter Biermayer and Jim Lutz to the draft hood of the water heater. Dip tube: the vicinity of the water heater from being ignited by the water heater burner or pilot. Drain valve:

This gas water heater was manufactured to voluntary safety standards to reduce the likelihood of a fl ammable vapor ignition incident. ferrule nut in the gas control valve/thermostat’s pilot tube opening. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY. 16.

Depress control knob while in PILOT position MR. HEATER BIG BUDDY (MH18B 2Inlet gas pressure is too low Check/replace gas cylinder supple source 3 Pilot tube has become blocked/clogged pilot s but pilot ame stays on Heater shuts off during

Copyright © 2011 ®U.S. Craftmaster® Water Heater Company All rights reserved. GAS MODEL NUMBER KEY* • Integrated Piezo (push button) Pilot Igniter: with LED to indicate when the pilot sequence is complete, High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters P r e su iz dC omb t n

Installing your Gas Water Heater from the pilot tube and gas supply line? NO While repeatedly depressing the igniter button, push in and hold the gas control/ temperature knob until the pilot is lit and maintains a stable flame (status light will

RESIDENTIAL WATER HEATER PARTS LIST PRINTED IN U.S.A.1011 PART NO Pilot Tube, Thermopile, Manifold Component Block, Thermal Switch, Burner Head, Burner Orifi ce and Pilot Assembly 9007876005 9007876005 9007876005 9007876005 9007876005 12 Pilot Assembly w/ Tubing and

Turn “OFF” gas to water heater and leave off until repairs are made, because failure to correct the cause of Check dip tube. Replace if faulty PILOT FLAME TOO SMALL 1. Pilot line or orifi ce clogged 2. Low gas pressure 3. Defective pilot

Replacing a hot water heater requires a permit in most communities Start by shutting off the gas at the gas meter and the water to the heater. Open the bottom the outer panel that covers the burner area and set the control knob on top of the gas control assembly to the “pilot” position.

Your Atwood gas water heater is now ready for operation. Continue to HOW TO OPERATE YOUR WATER HEATER. binding on the air tube. HOW TO CLEAN PILOT MODELS 1. Check main burner orifice and pilot assembly for contamination (dirt, spider webs, etc.). 2.

Water Heater Residential Gas • Cold Water Inlet and Dip tube: The connection point for incoming cold water. presence or absence of the pilot flame to determine whether it is OK for the gas valve to open. • Plastic Line Nipples/Heat Traps:

A. adjustment of gas pressure b. cleaning or replacement of burner orifice c. cleaning or adjustment of burner tube d. cleaning or adjustment of flue e. cleaning or adjustment of pilot and thermocouple f. adjustment of pressure The Atwood water heater is designed for use in a recreation

Vent-free heater Gas water heater* Gas furnace Vented gas heater This list contains replaceable parts for your heater. When ordering replacement parts, follow the instructions listed 15 MB40023DP ODS/PILOT GAS TUBE ASM 1 1

Coverage includes, but is not limited to, gas water heater: burner supply tube and assembly, drain valve, gas valve, pilot light, supply tube and assembly, temperature control, thermocouple, T/P relief valve and main burner. replacement of your water heater.

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