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Supplemental instructions for gas water heaters installed in potable/space heating applications. For 30, 38, 40, 50, and 60 gallon models using natural or LP gas. Instructions For Placing a Parts Order All parts orders should include:

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Residential Gas Professional Water Heaters INTEGRINTEGRATATED HOME COMFORED HOME COMFORT T The Professional™ gas water heater line provides up to a 12 year warranty with a professional installation • Meets 40 ng/J NOx requirements Longer Life

POWER VENTED GAS WATER HEATER 40 Gal (151.4 L) Formation of condensation in the venting system of Power Vented water heaters is dependent upon installation conditions including, but not limited to: ambient temperature and humidity of installation location;

No matter which type of natural gas water heater you chose, or check your latest gas bill. Residential gas prices are usually calculated in units called therms. This type of venting allows gas water heaters to be installed as far as 40 feet away from an outside wall

All Rheem residential gas water heaters are CSA certified for combination potable water/space heating. fURy — NATURAL gAS • Efficiency: gAl IMP gAl lTRS 801395 PVS40-36E2 40 33.3 151 62-1/2 21-3/4 155 36 36.4 30.2 137.8 0.67 $2,241.00

*For complete warranty information consult the written warranty of American Water Heaters found at, or call (800) using Schedule 40 PVC pipe Residential gas water heater(s)

Prices & Specifications subject to change without notice. WATER HTRS- 40 gAllON WATER HEATERS GS6-40-YBRT NG Select – Tall – C3 Technology 38 40,000 9002353–LP Gas Valve F/40 & 50 Gal ..9802100 478.61 9002355–Nat Gas Valve F/40

Water Heaters Power Vented Water Heaters Lochinvar’s Power Vented models are available in capacities of 40, natural gas 40 gallon water heater. Gallon Capacity Power Vented Number Gal. Input 90°F Rise Input 90°F Rise Gal. Factor A B C D E F G H Size Wt. LVN041G 40

Residential Gas Water Heaters High Recovery, High Efficiency and natural gas 40 gallon water heater with 40,000 Btu/Hr input Nat. Gas LP Gas Model Gal. Btu/Hr Btu/Hr 1st Hr. GPH@ Energy Gas Vent Water Ship. Number Cap.

Professional Achiever™ Direct Vent gas water heaters use outside air for combustion, offer longer venting options and a coaxial vent for easy installation

GAS WATER HEATERS FEATURES • Built-In Safety Features: automatically shut down the water heater if air supply becomes restricted or overheating threshold is reached BFG2J4040T3NOV 40 40,000 36,000 40.5 36.5 .63 61-3/4 20 58-3/8 51-3/4 3-4

Or by any information storage retrieval system, without permission in writing from American Water Heaters. Distributed By: Order Entry and Sales 500 Princeton Road (FEDEX, UPS)

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