Heat Pump With Gas Furnace Back-up

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Built-in back up heat can be provided by electricity or natural gas. Heat Pump $500* Natural Gas Furnace $500* Also: New Construction $500 *If ductwork is located outside of heated space (attic or crawl space), a qualified

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RESIDENTIAL HEAT PUMP REBATE APPLICATION. Heat Pump None. What type of back-up (supplemental) heating system does your new heat pump use? (check one) None Existing Gas Furnace New Gas Furnace Existing Electric Furnace New Electric Furnace.

Hybrid (Dual Fuel) – Gas Heat and Air Source Heat Pump . For this reason, and for defrosting, air-source heat pumps are equipped with back-up resistive heaters. not have natural gas service available. Furnace:

ELECTRIC HEAT PUMP WITH PROPANE BACKUP · ECO HEAT PUMPS · DUCANE GAS FURNACE PARTS LIST. Shop now for Fedders parts. back up 100% of all warranties as to parts for this Fedders. Florida Heat Pump, Friedrich, Garnell, General Electric,

Heating and Cooling With a Heat Pump Produced by Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency gas or electric furnace, a heat pump can provide reliable and economic heating in winter and cooling in back up to the desired level on short notice.

Air conditioner with heat pump and keep gas furnace for back up heat yFloor furnace or gas baseboard 5 Radiant floor Heating yRadiant floor heating can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial appli tilications yPiping/material are fairly inexpensive

During transition between heat pump and gas furnace primary heat source can be gas at 40% or heat pump. 2.4 Back-Up Heat FURNACE FOSSIL FUEL KIT RGLK RGPK RGRA RGLH RGPL ROBD RGLJ RGPN ROPD RGLL RGPJ RXPF-F01 OR RXPF-F02

Cascade Natural Gas Conseration • Customer does not use a heat pump for heating and cooling with a natural gas furnace back-up. • Energy-saving measures must meet program requirements.

Heat pumps are not limited to air-to-air heat transfer. There are heat pump units Heat pump systems must be used with electrical resistance back-up heating Cost Savings of Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace

Hybrid GSHP – propane furnace back-up system, which is less expensive due to a down-sized PROPANE FURNACE GROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMP KEY FACTS. propane gas as a preferred energy source.

Your home’s air is less dry than with a typical gas furnace. • Heat Your Air as Efficiently as Your Water. from blowing cold air and improving pump reliability. Rinnai hydRonic FURnacE and tanklEss watER hEatER back-up or cold-weather heat source in “dual fuel” or “hybrid

The Heat Pump Plan E with electric or gas backup can be purchased as a standalone service. Includes an annual air conditioning maintenance. • Completely brush, clean, and vacuum your furnace or boiler, smoke pipe and chimney base, removing any carbon deposits

To keep an existing furnace for backup heating. The unit uses the clean, renewable, gas furnace which rates only 98%. Cost Effective A geothermal heat pump (GHP) taps into the renewable solar energy

PTCS ® Air Source Heat Pump Form All sections must be filled out, Elec. Forced Air Elec. Forced Air w/ AC Elec. Zonal Air Source Heat Pump Geothermal Heat Pump Natural Gas Furnace (Gas Company:

Q Heat Pump* without Backup Heat q Heat Pump* with Backup Heat q Heat Only RTH6350/RTH6450 Series 15 69-2416ES—05 SETUP WIRING ASSISTANCE TROUBLESHOOTING 5 Gas or oil furnace: Use this setting if you have a

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