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Zone 1: Upstairs areas (less used, hotter in summer) Zone 2: Living areas furnace or electromechanical thermostats. LZP-2 zoning system Designed to work with Activates auxiliary heater during periods of extremely cold

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INFRARED ZONE HEATING SYSTEM OWNER’S MANUAL heater’s front panel, rear panel, or on the box), date of purchase, retailer of furnace, is a very small amount of heat (this heater is intended to be used as supplemental heat in

Turn off accessory heater power switch if applicable. Electrical shock could cause serious personal injury. IntelliZone Zone Stat Input C Y1 Y2 W O G L1 R Y2 Y3 O G L1 Zone Thermostat 18/8 Wire 1 2 3 Indicator Light Function Operation Modes IntelliZone Outputs

Quartz Comfort Furnace Heater Item #470295 . To order, call 1-800-642-2112 West Chester, OH 45069 Made in China 1113 If you have questions regarding this product, call Your comfort furnace is intended as a supplemental zone heating source.

Your comfort furnace is intended as a supplemental zone heating source. The Comfort glow portable comfort furnace is not an instant room heater. It may take 24-36 hours for your heater to reach maximum efficiency.

The Comfort Furnace infrared heater is a true infrared heating system that contains four infrared heating elements. There are many other advantages of infrared heat. First, it warms the body faster than a conventional heater.

Some models now can use the same vent as an existing natural gas water heater. Wa t e r -Based Or Hydronic Heating Systems While a furnace heats air for warmth, An older, conventional natural gas furnace or boiler usually has an energy efficiency lower than 65 perc e n t .

Industrial Furnace Energy Efficiency Workpaper. Furnace Efficiency The estimated consumption of natural gas by the baseline process heater (furnace, oven Figure 6 shows how charge preheat can be achieved directly by extending the heating zone in a continuous steel reheat furnace.

Small Hydronic HeaterH-Series Engineering Specifications The H-Series Small Hydronic Heater – 1,800 to 10,500 BTU King’s H Series small hydronic heater uses the energy from a building’s hot water source to offer efficient, whisper quiet

DIRECT-VENT WALL FURNACE VENT DIAGRAM B C In-shot Burners Turbulator A B D A E F G C INNER PIPE EXHAUSTS BY PRODUCTS OUTER PIPE DRAWS IN FRESH AIR Air inside the heater (Blue Arrows) contacts the hot crimped tube heat exchanger, warming the air and creating

Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater Instructions Affordable, reliable and powerful fireplace infrared heaters for you and your family. and eco-friendly personal infrared heaters from American Comfort. room air.

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