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Electromantle Metal Heating Mantles The original Electrothermal “Electromantles” revolutionised round bottom flask heating by incorporating a coiled flexible

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ELECTRIC FIREPLACE HEATER OPERATION MANUAL Important Safety Instructions NOTE: A complete electric fireplace heater should consist of two parts, the wooden mantle and the fireplace heater each packed in a separate carton.

NOTE: Mantle requires separate Power Controller to operate. See selection below. Mantles and controllers made in America by Glas-Col. Aluminum Heating Mantle, Quart Can HM-2700 – $504.00 Aluminum Heating Mantle, Gallon Can HM-2710 – $609.00

JACKETED HEATING MANTLE! SPILL-PROOF AND V-SHAPED HEATING MANTLES! ONE MANTLE—THREE SIZES! MULTI-POSITION HEATERS! • “Heater On” light indicates when power is being supplied to the heater. • All mantles are double fused for added safety.

Heating and Mantles Fibroman-N Heating – Mantle Accessories F e a t u r e s AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing with a rod support clamp at the back.

Heating Mantle HM50C, HM100C, HM250C, HM500C and HM1000C Instructions for use with the U.K. plug and replace the plug with a introduction Thank you for purchasing this piece of Stuart equipment. To get the best performance from

Tubular heating elments fitted in flame proof heating mantle. heater terminals terminate in flp cold junction terminal enclosure. all electrical controls and components fitted in flp switch enclosure.

Multi Kjeldahl Extraction Heaters HEATING MANTLES H KJL-Series, Multi Position Round Top Extraction Heater The Multi Heating Apparatus offers such versatility that is Three Flask Size In One Mantle Heating Mantle With Magnetic Stirrers KJL-2000 KJL-1000

PORTABLE KEROSENE-HEATER “OWNER’S MANUAL” MODEL : RMC- 11-C7 Before the first use of this heater, please read this OWNER'S MANUAL very carefully.

ELECTRIC FIREPLACE AND MEDIA MANTEL Questions, problems, missing parts? – HEATER The fireplace consists of a fan-forced wire-element-type heater. There are 11 thermostat levels you can cycle through, including the OFF and ON settings.

NOTE: A complete electric fireplace heater may consist of two parts, the wooden mantle and the fireplace heater insert. DO NOT use the fireplace heater insert without first installing it in the wooden mantle. Unpack the

Your Heating Mantle is a Fiberglass-insulated heater designed for heating laboratory vessels. The mantles are specifically designed for glass flasks, however, with appropriate temperature control and product type, metal or plastic flasks can be used.

Vest table, wooden plant stand, Amish Walnut step-back cupboard, Walnut bench, Red wood plant stand, Amish wash stand, Primitive wooden 4 shelf blind door cabinet, Primitive walnut 2 board top kitchen table, 4 ft. wooden lad-

Living Room with wood burning fireplace and antique mantle , original Bay window, ceiling Recent water heater (gas Custom Built Detached Office, Pool House, Garage and Pool Designed by Don Libscomb; built by Ilex Construction and Amish craftsmen. Red cedar

heater forj ust $97. Theyh avei mposed as trict Mantle.T he first1 6,049r eaders who That makest he handmade Amish mantleareals teal forjust onehundred ninety-sevend ollars since thee ntire cost of then ew miracle heater is just $97. These brandn ew Heat SurgeH T-XL

Wooden mantle. If you were to use a space heater eight hours a day, five days a week for a month, it would cost approximately $15. But “Amish style” fireplaces, so-called “miracle devices” that supposedly can slash your heating bills.

Heating and Mantles Fibroman-N Heating – Mantle Accessories F e a t u r e s AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing with a rod support clamp at the back.

Electromantle™ Heating Mantle Range Heating mantles Stirring mantles Spill proof mantles Mantles for funnels Chemically resistant Improved safety Cool-to-the-touch design Electric Bunsens Controllers

Electric Fireplace Instruction Manual Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace Packing List 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 YosemiteHomeDecor.com Electric Fireplace The heater, which is located at the base of the fireplace, must be a minimum of 16 inches away from any combustible material.

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