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Self-Regulating Heating Cable (SL Series) provides effective heating for plastic Or metal pipes. Applications range from freeze protection to low temperature process

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Selection Tables 3 WinterGard Selection Guide Use one of the tables below to help select the correct WinterGard heating cable for your application.

Heating cable installation 1. Prepare for installation • Store the heating cable in a clean, dry place. • Complete piping pressure test. • Review the heating cable design and com-pare to materials received to verify that the

Heating Cable Selection 1. Determine heat loss 2. Select heating cable family 3. Select heating cable 4. Determine heating cable length. DOC-565 Rev.2 03/11 11 Electrical protection sizing Raychem heating cables are self-regulating: power output and current draw decrease

Issued January 2010 . Heating cable. Front End. Data Sheet. RS Cut to length heat tracing system . The RS heater cable is a parallel resistance, cut to length

Free Design Service • 24/7 Installation Support • No Nonsense™ Warranty • (800) 875-5285 • WarmlyYours.com TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin)

HC HEATING CABLE / ACCESSORIES. WARNING: Do not spiral cable around pipe or cross cable over itself. Do not use one run of cable for two different pipe runs. Failure to comply may result in overheating and fire.! Stop Pipe Freeze-up

Installation Guidelines Heating Cable Storage Store the heating-cable and components in a clean, dry place. Store them at temperatures between –40°F and 140°F (–40°C and 60°C).

136 Heating cables HEAT Heating cables are used for frost protection of pipes, tanks, ramps and walkways, gutters, etc., or for maintaining process temperatures, especially in industrial environments.

heating cable is designed for under floor heating purposes only Danfoss Heating Solutions VMAMA122 09/2009 TX-FH Heating Cables. 4 Danfoss TX-FH Cable Specifications Type Twin conductor Voltage 240 V Output 6 W/ft (20 W/m) Heating Element Size 60 ft (18 m) to 680 ft (207 m)

HWAT® Heating Cables 2 of 2 Tyco Thermal Controls tycothermal.com (800) 545-6258 H57512 9/04 Design and Installation For proper design and installation, use the Design section of the

-RaycemT-S-C2210 Rev 1 / 3 SELF-REGLATING HEATING CABLE T industrial Heat tracing solutions Electrical heat-tracing for frost protection without steam

heating cable systems, Easy Heat provides ongoing product and installation support. The following table illustrates the suitability of the various types of Easy Heat pipe temperature maintenance cables. 2. words ELECTRICALLY HEATED PIPE for easy identification.

Mobile Home Pipe Heating Cable 60J9 Installation résidentielle et maison-mobile câble chauffant Determine the amount of Frostex heat-ing cable you will need How to use the tables: • Decide on the lowest temperature you can expect in your area,

Pipe Heating & Roof De-Icing Cable Assemblies Manufacturer Product Easy Heat, Inc. 31977 US 20 East 31977 US 20 East New Carlisle, IN 46552 Nelex Mineral Insulated Cable Models: Unknown Easy Heat, Inc. 31977 US 20 East New Carlisle, IN 46552 Quik-Trace Mineral Insulated Cable Models: Unknown

FC Electric In-Floor Heating Cable Features No EMF, twin conductor Provides everything needed for easy installation Pre-sized kits range from 5 to 320 square feet

Issued January 2010 . Heating cable. Front End. Data Sheet. RS Cut to length heat tracing system . The RS heater cable is a parallel resistance, cut to length

Industrial Heat-Tracing Installation and Maintenance Manual Mineral Insulated Cable Systems for Pipes and Vessels

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