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207 On the Heating and Cooling of the Body by Local Applicatiowv of Heat and Cold. By LEONARD HILL, M.B., F.R.S., D. HARGOOD-ASH, B.Sc., and J. ARGYLL

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Cooling 86°F Heating 68°F Cooling 59°F Heating 50°F Cooling Full Load 77°F Part Load 68°F Heating Full Load 32°F Part Load 41°F Capacity Btuh EER Btuh/W Performance Data — GT-PX Model 038 – Part Load Operation not recommended 1000 CFM Nominal (ISO Rated) Airfl ow Cooling,

Thermostat: System Setting Options: Manual changeover (Heat/Cool/Off) Temperature range: Heating 40-90F, Cooling 50-99F: Auto changeover (Heat/Cool/Auto/Off) + Em Heat if HP Maximum heat and minimum cool settings can be inputted

C 1F79-111 2/1 Heating/Cooling/Heat Pump L39Non-Programmable White-038 38.99 C 1F86-0471 1/1 Heating/Cooling/Heat Pump Non-Programmable White L41-638 42.99 F 1F95-1277 2/2 Heating/Cooling/Heat Pump Programmable White L41-641 146.99

Preserve the environment, the smartest way to heat and cool your home is the GeoSmart Energy way. COOLING EER HEATING COP D UAL C APACITY 038 High 18.5 4.0 19.6 4.6 Part 23.7 4.5 27.8 5.0 049 High 16.6 3.7 22.1 4.5 Part 21.7 4.2 25.3 4.7 064

Models: W42H1 W42H1D W48H1 W48H1D W60H1 W60H1D REPLACEMENT PARTS MANUAL General Notes Heating TXV Thermal Expansion Valve 804-038 H igh Pressure Switch (Flare) (Optional XXXXXXXXX 20 20 800-0381 800-0376 Heating Distributor Assembly Heating Distributor Assembly

Line Voltage Room Thermostats—Heating/Cooling ET 134 155-017P25 D-11 Accessories and Service Kits D-13 Table of Contents NEW! 50 to 130°F (10 to 55°C) 130°F (54°C).038" Diameter x 4.03" L (9.9 mm Diameter x 102 mm L) Capillary 6' (183 cm) Adjustable 6 to 30°F (3 to 16°C)

R-410A Refrigerant Single Speed: 0.75-6 Tons Dual Capacity: 2-6 Tons 2 = High Static ECM Blower Option (036, 038, 042, 048, 049 Only) A = None Flow HEATING – EAT 70 °F COOLING – EAT 80/67 °F EWT °F Rate Pressure Drop HC Power HE LAT °F

COOLING HEATING Unit Dimensions Height x Width x Depth in (mm) Operating Weight lbs (kg) HSPF-Heating Season Performance Factor * Air Conditioning, Heating, 0.038 (2) 0.97 (2) 0.040 (2) 1.02 (2) 0.040 (2) 1.02 (2) 0.049 (2) 1.24 (2)

Cooling & Gas/Electric Table 1. Model number description T*D Cooling Only (f) (f) Must be ordered Gas Heating Performance(e) (e)Verify option availability in product data catalog. Low Heat (Input/output) – (MBh)

838 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VOLUME 38 FIG. 1. Cooling and heating day definitions. He concluded that the prediction of future heating-en-ergy demand is dependent not only on historical aver-

EG-77-C-01-038. 180p,,-; For related document, see SE 027 539; COntainl' .cooling and heating modes. (See Figure 1-18).,-L. Evaporative Cooling phis Storage. fr. v Conventional evaporative coolinb in arid apil semiarid parts of North America is accornpltshed,

High-Temperature X-Ray Diffraction Apparatus By Alvin Van Valkenburg, changes on heating, different modifications being stable at different temperatures. Ou ter hrass case with cooling coil; B, intermediate steel shield; C, platinum

OptionalManual Passive Cooling (in.mnpt) OptionalManual HydronicBack-up (in.mnpt) Pipe Connections All Two Step Models Geoflex Models 026, 038, 049, 064, 072, Two Step Water/Liquid to Air – 410A – Top Discharge All Geoflex Heat Pumps are

SCWF-020, -022, -025, -029, -032, -035, -038, -042, -046, -052, -058, -065, -072, -080 Programming Active Occupied Zone Cooling STP From A minimum difference of 2 F is maintained between heating and cooling setpoints. 1.

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