Heating Fuel Cost Comparison

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AE-1015 (Revised) February 2012 Fuel Cost Comparison A relative cost comparison chart showing heating values for fuels and biomass can be helpful in deciding what type of fuel is the

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And cooling systems. It might be a comparison of a furnace to a heat pump, Comparing Fuel Costs of Heating and Cooling Systems. 2 delivering one MBTU from wood in a modern wood Table 7 provides heating cost esti-mates for pellet- and corn-burning

Home Heating Fuel Cost Comparison The chart below shows a comparison of annual home heating fuel costs based on the most recent infor-mation obtained from suppliers in Snohomish County.

The fuel comparisons shown are based on NorthWestern Energy's delivery and supply rates for electricity and natural gas and are subject to Fuel Heating Cost Comparison (MT) Cost per 100,000 Btus delivered as useable heat Based on altitude and atmospheric pressure in Helena, MT

Pool Heating Comparison Type Performance Green Operation Cost Durability Reliability Cost Effective Cooling Serviceable Life Mechanical GeoThermal

Fuel Cost Comparison electricity to avoid a fossil fuel backup heating system. All electric heat in a home must be controlled. Storage space heating equipment is heated (or charged) between the hours of 9:30PM and 5:30AM.

SPACE HEATING FUEL COMPARISON CALCULATOR Use the rating of the heating appliance that you are considering to see where the fuel cost will fall. The calculator is based on the the US Department of Energy Version: heatcalc_Vsn-C_1-08.xls March 6, 2008.

Fuel Form Supply Price per Calorific Energy Cost change since Change since: 3. Prices include delivery: Unit Comparison of Useful Energy Costs for Space Heating; Delivered: Notes: Fuel . 13: Form Energy Cost : 14: 13.

fuel cost in the region of 20-25% depending on various : See notes 5 & 6 and seai.ie/Publications/Statistics_Publications/EPSSU_Publications/ for the latest report. Comparison of Useful Energy Costs for Space Heating. Delivered . Notes: Fuel. 10. Form Cost . 11. 10.

Gasoline.! Energy Content* (Lower* heating value)* 112,114Q! 116,090 Btu/gal!(g)! 128,488! Btu/gal!(g)! 119,550 (NGdata!derivedfrom!fieldsampling!of!pipeline!natural!gas!by!IGT/GRI).! (r) Title: Microsoft Word – fuel_comparison_chart NG Updates 10_27_B_GCM HP(2).docx

Heating Types: Annual Cost and Carbon Footprint Dirtier • Looking at comparative fossil fuel (propane, heating oil, • For comparison, all fuel prices normalized to 1,000,000 BTUs of energy • Electric price is based on OPALCO rate

Cost Comparison Here, two examples are provided to show how wood can be a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. Fuel Net heating value Cost/unit Premium wood pellets 13.6 million Btu/ton $40/ton Propane 71,000 Bt u/gal $0.22/gal

HOME HEATING SYSTEMS. •It will save you money on your electricity and heating bills •Your home will be more comfortable and convenient generator employed.See SEI’s Fuel Cost Comparison Sheets for a comparison of current energy costs and typical appliance

In a dual fuel heating system, an electric heat source, such as baseboard heat, Home heating cost comparison Annual fuel cost comparison System Efficiency Energy Unit cost Annual Heating Cost

Heating Energy Cost Comparison: Heating and Cooling with a Heat Pump (Home Heating and Cooling Series) Issued also in French under title: Le chauffage et le refroidissement à l’aide your current heating system, the cost of fuel and electricity,

Columbia Gas of PA, Inc. National Fuel Gas. PECO Gas: Peoples Natural Gas There have been very big changes in natural gas prices in the last few years. Includes home heating repair program Ambit Energy 1-877-282-6248

Pool Heating Comparison Type Performance Green Operation Cost Durability Reliability Cost Effective Cooling Serviceable Life Mechanical GeoThermal

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