Heating Furnace Maintenance

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Annual Heater Preventative Maintenance v1.doc Page 1 of 1 PRS Property Repair Services rev Date: 4/20/08 heating unit installed. Indoor Unit/Furnace or Air Handler

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Lennox Pulse Furnace Frequently Asked Questions Why is not the pressure test conducted during my regular furnace maintenance provided by White Heating? standard general furnace maintenance call to identify any condition that represents a

Your Full Service Heating Oil, Heating, & Air Conditioning Company. HillsideHVAC.com. • Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements tenance plan does not cover any gas piping to the furnace, nor does it cover the heat exchanger.

Warm Air Furnace – Professional Service Checklist During a routine service call, the service technician should perform the following gen-eral maintenance measures.

Watts New A Newsletter for Customers of Klickitat PUD 8 MAY 2011 Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment will help prevent future problems and avoid unwanted costs.

272442-UUM-B-1211 4 Unitary Products Group FURNACE USER MAINTENANCE Every time the filters are changed the following items should be visually inspected:

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT FOR HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS The purpose of an annual maintenance agreement is to ensure our customers can rest safe with a clean and

PERIODIC ATMOSPHERE FURNACE MAINTENANCE :PART TWO Ahidden danger is heating oil too rapidly, which can also degrade the oil (low velocity burners or low-watt release resistance heaters should be used). It is important to note that oil ca-

Page 6 General WARNING Product contains fiberglass wool. Disturbing the insulation in this product during installation, maintenance, or repair will expose you

COMMERCIAL HVAC PROgRAM Boiler Maintenance Checklist Most property owners and maintenance managers know that if they want reliable operation of their building’s heating system, they must pay close attention to

Place except for inspection and maintenance. (See illustra- The rated heating capacity of the furnace should be greater GUIDE" or "MANUAL J-LOAD CALCULATIONS" published by the AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS OF AMERICA.

Thank you for purchasing a WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling system. Reliability/Low Maintenance This is not the fault of the unit—it does not remove any humidity during heating (unlike a gas furnace).

Care and Maintenance Follow these recommendations to keep your system running properly: During the off-season, run the heating and cooling system at least once.

Cleanup cost for spills from home heating oil tanks prudent use of your heating maintenance dollars. Stability: 1 Are the tank legs bent, broken, rusted A well-maintained furnace burns cleaner and uses less fuel, which means lower fuel bills

Your home has one of two basic heating and cooling systems: A furnace and air conditioner. A heat pump that provides both heating and cooling. throughout the home. care and maintenance Follow these care and maintenance suggestions for your home’s registers.

furnace to a heat pump, a regular furnace to a high- Comparing Fuel Costs of Heating and Cooling Systems. 2 delivering one MBTU from wood in a modern wood stove. insulated and weatherized home, your heating costs

Watts New A Newsletter for Customers of Klickitat PUD 8 MAY 2011 Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment will help prevent future problems and avoid unwanted costs.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements . Lower energy bills, increased comfort, longer equipment life, lower labor ratesand peace of mind! That is what your service agreement or preventative maintenance agreements will provides for you.

Heating Start-Up: One can make a valid argument for pre-season heating system start-ups. A preventive maintenance inspection will prevent a certain percentage of emergency calls.

6 Your gas furnace is designed to give many years of efficient, satisfactory service. There are routine maintenance steps you should take to keep your furnace operating efficiently.

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