High Efficiency Boiler Vent Cap

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Weil-McLain boiler to last 35 years or more. Direct Vent The GV boiler must be vented directly outside — either through a The Weil-McLain GOLD GV is a high- efficiency residential gas boiler with sealed combustion technology —

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DOE HTG CAP 71 MBH 94 MBH 139 MBH 207 MBH 270 MBH High Efficiency Gas Boiler Wall Mounting Kit Model No. Prod. No. *Vent Material – PP requires Centrotherm SS concentric termination Model No. Prod. No. CWH_____.233594 Boiler

Trinity Tx Combi High Efficiency Gas Condensing Boiler Suggested Specification Part I The boiler shall be Trinity Tx___C manufactured by NY Thermal Inc. (NTI). B. Boiler The heat exchanger shall be provided with an automatic air vent. Trinity Tx Combi High Efficiency Gas Condensing

High Efficiency Gas Boiler Boilers DOE HTG CAP 59 MBH 88 MBH 117 MBH 146 MBH 175 MBH 204 MBH Automatic Air Vent Hy-Vent high points throughout the system. Brass Body, Nickel Plated Model No. Size Prod. No. List Price

High-efficiency, fan-assisted combustion means you can use a smaller diameter vent stack — up to 8" smaller than vent cap. Use when indoor space is a problem or if outdoor location gives better access. Draws fresh air from outside and vents through

Fundamentals of Venting and Ventilation super high efficiency models which condense water vapor from the flue products in order to recapture heat. Vent- the vent cap to a more suitable wind-baffling design may solve the problem.

Today’s high efficiency gas appliances have lower temperature flue gases and must use forced of short duration compared to the gas furnace or boiler. What Issues Can Arise from • When sidewall venting must be used, vent terminations should

Using Weil-McLain Vent/Air Intake Termination Kit. Higher acidic levels attack many materials, including stainless steel commonly used in high efficiency systems. tee to the boiler. Construct vent and optional combustion air run

ECO High Efficiency Boiler 1-2: WM97+ CT 1-3; AQUA LOGIC Water Heater 1-4 GV90+ Water Boiler 1-5: CGI Boiler 1-6 CAP B.T.U./ HR DOE A.F.U.E. % VENT SIZE MINIMUM BOILER LOOP PIPE SIZE SHP WGT PART NUMBER (1) 80 CT. 80,000 16,000 71,000 93.5% 2"/3" 1" 199 383-500-720.

High Efficiency In A Space-Saving Design From Less Than 30 ppm NOx Rating. Thermal Efficiency Is Higher.. While Footprint And Vent Sizes Are Smaller Lochinvar’s Copper-Fin II line of high efficiency commercial gas storm collar and vent cap. Vent Cost Savings. Referenced gas valves

Wall Thimble with Adjustable Vent Length 19 Adjustable Wall Bracket Boiler FasNSeal Flex & FasNSeal 1 3 4 8 10 2 5 6 7 O˜set FasNSeal 11 13 15 14 10 8 high efficiency gas boilers, furnaces, booster heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, unit heaters,

This Installer’s Guide covers installation of the concentric vent kit on all gas fired direct vent condensing furnaces. DO NOT APPLY TO A NON-CONDENSING FURNACE. RAIN CAP 4" SDR-26 PIPE CONCENTRIC VENT KIT 1 © 2002 American Standard Inc.

High-Efficiency, Gas-Fired Water Boiler †Maximum allowable length of vent and intake pipe is 20' (6.1m) each of 2" (50.8mm) Input Heating Cap. *Net I=B=R Of Boiler Capacity Outlet Diam. Ship.Wt. Size IPS Connec.NPT Connec.NPT DIMENSIONS

Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface temperature and should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition. Vent cap must be located at least 9” from any opening that would allow combustion products to enter the building, windows,

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