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High Efficiency Blower (HEB) Solutions. Selection. Support. FEATURES • Low profile to fit most applications. • Uses proven impellers that are accepted by

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6 HIGH-EFFICIENCY GAS FURNACES MULTI-POISE UPFLOW, DOWNFLOW AND HORIZONTAL With Perfect Heat Perfect Humidity 355M Variable Capacity Condensing Furnace

$150 High Efficiency furnace fan motor Furnace Fan Rebate Form Instructions 9 Rebate form must be received within 90 days of purchase/installation. 9 Complete one rebate form for each service address and for multiple products at one location.

Furnace Tech Talk Seasonal Efficiency/Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a ratio of the annual output energy (heat) over the

Goodman’s GMVC95 High-Efficiency Gas Furnace with two-stage heating and a variable-speed circulat – ing blower provides efficient and economical perfor- • Low constant fan speed efficiently circulates air throughout the home • Efficient, quiet variable-speed

Furnace Fans 1. Scope The ENERGY STAR furnace eligibility requirements will eventually reference the DOE furnace fan test procedure, currently under development.

BEPL High Efficiency Plug Fans ©2006 Twin City Fan & Blower. BEPL plug fans from Twin City Fan & Blower are compact, versatile and offer the highest efficiency in the industry. Their versatility allows them to be used for air circulation in a vari-

This Measure Guideline covers installation of high efficiency gas furnaces. Topics include: when to install a high efficiency gas furnace as a retrofit measure; how to identify and address risks;

Final Report: High Efficiency Furnace Blower Motors Market Baseline Assessment 6 significant enough that it results in a measurable increase in natural gas usage in

An ECM furnace fan uses as little as 80 watts of electricity, that’s 10 times less than a standard fan motor. Depending on how you use it, HIGH EFFICIENCY FURNACE (CONDENSING) STANDARD EFFICIENCY FURNACE (NON-CONDENSING) STANDARD EFFICIENCY FURNACE

HigH EfficiEncy indoor Wood furnacE Wood-ElEctric Hybrid 90% clEanEr burning long burn timEs 89% EfficiEncy rEfirEs automatically from standby gasification tEcHnology

High Efficiency Oil Furnaces High-efficiency, state-of-the-art burners provide a safe, consistent heat source that’s ideally A convenient switch allows continuous fan operation for optimum comfort all year long. Select The Furnace That’s Right For You

HIGH-EFFICIENCY GAS FURNACES MULTI-POISE UPFLOW, DOWNFLOW AND HORIZONTAL With Perfect Heat Perfect Humidity 355M Variable Capacity Condensing Furnace The Plus 90i sets the standard for home comfort • Economical use of continuous fan • Increased cooling efficiency • Better humidity

Residential electric customers can receive an additional cash rebate for purchasing an electronically commutated motor (ECM) furnace fan with their heating system. Algorithms: New Furnace & Boiler Savings (Dth) Net Dth ECM Furnace Fan Efficiency Electric for Energy Efficient Resources (DEER)

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of the General Counsel, GC-71, Ingersoll Rand argued that as the efficiency of the furnace fan motor increases, it dissipates less heat, finds that furnace fans using high-efficiency motor technology options operate more

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