High Efficiency Gas Boiler Motors

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• High Efficiency Boilers – Futlon • Vantage • Pulse • Pulse QT – LES Flue Gas Corrosion, Material and Workmanship. Fulton Vantage Boiler. Fulton Pulse Boiler • Ultra High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

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Lo NOx condensing high efficiency hot water boiler with Lo NOx burner, Low and high gas pressure Cutoff switches. All electric motors used for blowers on burners and boiler trim pumps shall comply with the requirements of Section 11:

83% High Efficiency Atmospheric / Natural Gas Fired RITE hogging fan motors), Rapid start-up on demand (No pre-purge blower fan), Lighter weight, Lower height, and Whisper-quiet burner operation. RITE ATMOSPHERIC BURNER FEATURES. 125 PSI Water Heating Boilers – 83% High Efficiency

An efficient natural gas burner requires only 2% to 3% excess oxygen, • Install a smaller burner on a boiler that is oversized relative to its steam load. replace or rewind motors (MotorMaster+), assess the efficiency of pumpingsystems (PSAT), compressed air systems

† TEFC & High Efficiency Motors † Many more options to meet specific requirements FTS STANDARD BOILER TRIM Steam Boilers FTS, FLEXTUBE GAS/OIL FIRED STEAM BOILERS STANDARD DESIGN PRESSURES: 15 PSIG

A high-efficiency furnace or boiler can be vented out a side wall. purchasing a high-efficiency condensing gas furnace will be recovered easily through energy- High Efficient Furnace Motors The conventional PSC (permanent

83% High Efficiency Power Burner Fired Rite Power Burner Fired Boilers use smaller fan motors to combust the fuel only. 131 Horsepower Hot Water Boiler with Natural Gas & #2 Oil Burner, Remote Oil Pump. 125 PSI Water Heating Boilers

Save ENERGY and MONEY with High−Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces Space heating is the largest energy user in your home, accounting for approximately 50% of your energy usage. That’s why it makes sense to choose a furnace that’s the least expensive to operate − an

The high-efficiency boiler and furnace measure produces gas-heating savings resulting from the for installing electrically commutated motors (ECM) in place of standard-efficiency motors on furnace fans or Savings from Upgrading the Efficiency of a Residential Gas Furnace

High efficiency motors for power generation applications 5 − Boiler feed-water pumps − Condensate extraction pumps − Cooling and − Cooling tower fans − Conveyors − Coal mills − Air compressors − Fuel gas booster compressors ABB motors are used in a wide range of power

The high-efficiency boiler and furnace measure produces gas heating. 1. = equivalent full-load hours of the installed high-efficiency unit . Assuming the gas used for heating = normalized annual heating consumption of the high Residential Furnaces and Boilers Evaluation Protocol:

high efficiency, electronic commutated, controlled asynchronous motors •Big variance of head: from 1m up to 7m •Low power consumption: Gas combi boiler Secondary (DHW) heat exchanger Thermostatic valve Radiator Boiler

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