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The Dovre DV425TR Direct Vent Gas Appliance is listed to ANSI standard Z21.88(b) CAN/CGA 2.17-M91 “Gas Fired Appliances for use at High Altitudes”. intake and the flue gas exhaust venting system. Note:

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The Harman® XXV Pellet Stove is the culmination of elegance, convenience, Pellet venting pipe (Known as "L" or "PL" venting) If the unit is adjusted too high, only efficiency is lost. If the unit is adjusted too low,

The controllability and fuel efficiency of a home gas furnace. Of particular interest is the low fuel consumption and brilliant Seal with high quality caulking. NOTE: Venting terminal should not be recessed into the wall or siding.

The Honeywell ERV/HRV Ventilation System provides improved indoor air quality through its high performance and efficiency. Benefits • Ventilation with sensible heat recovery (i.e. Gas Furnace, Oil Furnace, Combustion, Appliances,

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Governments are grappling with the tall order of having to cut global Greenhouse Gas emissions drastically as soon as Meeting increasingly ambitious sustainability targets depends on creating a high performance This framework is designed to bring efficiency to our

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