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Coleman® High-Efficiency HVAC Units are Eligible for Federal Tax Credits. Tax credit certificates available at ColemanAC.com. NORMAN, OKLA. A natural gas, propane or oil furnace rated at 95 percent AFUE or higher.

All hand tools, power tools, ladders, When a high efficiency appliance, such as a furnace, is installed and no longer requires chimney venting, Oil fueled heating systems must use the smallest available burner size that meets the

COMBUSTION APPLIANCE SAFETY & EFFICIENCY . TESTING. high-temperature silicone ladder tape measure flashlights and lamps The vent on this oil-fired furnace violates code and will never draft properly. Look for the obvious!

Industrial Combustion Boilers The amount of input fuel depends on the fuel energy content and on the overall energy efficiency. New boilers running on coal, oil, natural gas and biomass can reach efficiencies of 85%, Energy offers online tools for efficiency improvement

Ers or other cleaning tools. 2. Soap powders, bleaches, waxes or the annual efficiency of the furnace. If problem persists, replace oil line. System temperature rise too high. System temperature rise ideally should not exceed 85°F. Check for

Electric Plenum Heater Propane Furnace efficiency More than 94¢ (per More than $1.21 (per gallon) 90% efficient (high efficiency unit) Fuel Oil Furnace efficiency More than $1.41 (per gallon) 70% efficient (standard unit) REA’s Energy purchase tools at ACE® Hardware; have its

Chris Neme, Vermont Energy Investment Corp. On behalf of Gas Furnace Fan Efficiency Incentives Connecticut Long Island, NY maybe in 2005 Mani e Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey Rhode Island High Efficiency Blower Fans

Pump and oil furnace standards will rise on a nationwide basis. high velocity air conditioners and heat pumps should be amended. air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, energy efficiency, efficiency standards

The application of building energy simulation tools and additional analysis, a full range of EEMs were evaluated for their energy, economic, high-efficiency heating oil furnace, high-efficiency propane furnace, and the dual-fuel system).

High boiler efficiency is the result of specific design criteria, The following pages are designed to provide the tools you need to calculate and compare FUEL-TO-STEAM EFFICIENCY: No. 2 Oil No. 6 Oil Gas (4)

Wood/Oil Furnace Newmac cLc 90-100 e / 115-170 e Low emissioN When you recommend a Newmac furnace, you are recommending the best. Our high-quality, efficient furnaces have been providing * Efficiency Nova Scotia oil features • Oil Output CLC 90-100E Beckett AFg – 89,000 and 98,000 btu/h

Case studies – Sectors PT Semen Cibinong (Indonesia) Hutul Cement (Mongolia) Replacement furnace oil with natural gas in boiler Replacement of wood fired boiler with high efficiency coal or oil fired boiler

CL 85/95 COMBINATION FURNACE Rear Oil Section oil fired combustion efficiency • Heavy duty heat exchanger construction using 14 and 12 ga steel long-lasting burning promoting high efficiency and reduces creosote. FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW

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