High Efficiency Oil Furnace Up Flow

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HIGH-EFFICIENCY UPFLOW FURNACE INSTALLER'S INFORMATION MANUAL RTIF I C E E D D ESIGN With a parallel flow arrangement, the performance or air -conditioning coil freeze -up. High duct system static pressure is an indication of an

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83%-86% AFUE Downflow/Horizontal Oil Furnace Quality, Reliability and Value High efficiency air flow system to provide consistent performance in all operating modes. this pr oduct is up gra ded to a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. For product that is not registered,

High Efficiency Oil Furnaces Highboy Vertical, Lowboy Front or Rear The flow of combustion and ventilating air must not be ob Your oil furnace does not use a continuously burning pilot flame. Therefore,

The XR 80 High Efficiency Gas Furnace employs an adaptive Hot Surface Ignition system, which eliminates the waste of a constant burning pilot. adaptive heat up • Complete front service access • Heavy gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger

Trane 80 Oil Furnaces. Warmth, comfort and efficiency with Trane reliability. XP80 XV80 Stay warm. Stay smart. The efficiency of any furnace is measured in AFUE, or

Fundamentals of Venting and of the flue-gases to set up a good flow before encountering resistance. medium-high efficiency furnace models with efficiencies ranging from around 78% to just below 83% AFUE(Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

•Describe system – High efficiency furnace . WHAT WE DON’T HAVE TO DO •Flue interiors •Oil furnaces don’t have as much water •Rise too high? Speed fan up . ONE OTHER ISSUE •Replacing conventional furnace

HI−BOY UPFLOW OIL FURNACE • Furnaces − available with your choice of high efficiency Riello or Beckett burners. (Burners ordered and shipped separately.) • Test Ports − factory installed to provide efficient access for set−up and service

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT OF AN OIL FIRED FURNACE THROUGH OSCILLATING COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY high efficiency technology that can be integrated in any combustion There is an increase in furnace efficiency up to 6%.

Blockage and shuts down furnace until vent is clear contrast, high-efficiency Comfortmaker oil furnaces feature over 83% AFUE. That makes it possible for you to increase or horizontal flow applications. We also offer lo-boy models in

HI–BOY UPFLOW OIL FURNACE •Furnaces– available with your choice of high efficiency Riello or Beckett burners. (Burners ordered and shipped separately.) •Test Ports– factory installed to provide efficient access for set–up and service

HOW TO OPERATE YOUR HOME Replace Your Furnace REPLACE YOUR FURNACE 1 © Tom Feiza, High-Efficiency Furnace (90 Percent Furnace, Condensing Furnace, Sealed Combustion for combustion and do not create a constant flow up a chimney. The eliminates some of the ventilation or air

HI−BOY UPFLOW OIL FURNACE FEATURES • Furnaces − available with high efficiency Beckett burners. • Test Ports − factory install to provide efficient access for set−up and service

These high-efficiency Comfortmaker oil furnaces feature up to 86.8% AFUE—making downflow and horizontal flow options. Our Most furnaces come prewired for addition of central air conditioning, air cleaners, or humidifiers. HIGH EFFICIENCY & VARIABLE-SPEED OIL FURNACES. DV-2000

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