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MODELS: P*UR / G9T-UP / FG9-UP (Upflow) 40 – 140 MBH INPUT MODELS: Only use natural gas in furnaces designed for nat-ural gas. Only use propane (LP) ufactured Home Sites, Communities and Set-Ups), ANSI A225.1,

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Rheem Classic® Series Downflow Gas Furnace FORM NO. G11-519 REV. 1 RGLN- Series Furnaces must be vented in accordance with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 and/or Can/CGA-B149 Installation Codes and in accordance with local codes.

Selecting A Natural Gas Heating System B e f o r e you start shopping, it’s helpful to understand some basics: warm air is lighter than cold air, so it rises

Efficient Use of Electricity A gas furnace uses electricity to run the fan blower motor. Furnaces equipped with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) have lower annual operating costs and can

80% afue to 95.5% afue gas furnaces warrantied f o r years o f reliabili t y save energy wi t h up to 40% grea t er efficiency* c o mpac t 33 cabine t

Gas Furnace: Warms your home in the winter. Also works with an air conditioner to circulate cool air in the summer. TRANE 95 GAS FURNACES PROVIDE MAXIMUM ROOM-TO-ROOM COMFORT FOR YOUR ENTIRE HOME. When you choose a Trane 95 gas

Page 4 ML193DF Gas Furnace The ML193DF Category IV gas furnace is shipped ready for installation in the downflow position. The furnace is equipped for installation in natural gas ap-

Replacement Gas Furnace Check List or Inspection/Adjustments Propane Natural gas Size calculated for the new furnace Btus Input Measured Input (Clock meter)

Federal regulations require all gas furnaces to meet a minimum AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of 78.0. Two proposals would require greater efficiencies by 2013.

LATITUDE™ SERIES TG9S MODEL UP TO 95.5% AFUE Latitude ™ Series Gas Furnaces Life always feels better when you have warm comfort choices. That’s what

Upflow/ Horizontal Downflow/Horizontal Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace PUB. NO. 22-1836-08 XR 95 TUH1B040A9241A, TUH1B060A9361A,

Measure Guideline: High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces L. Brand and W. Rose Partnership for Advanced Residential Retrofit October 2012

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