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The most common home heating fuel is natural gas, and it’s used in about 57 percent of American homes. 57% The heat source — most The most common type of home heating system, a forced air system distributes heat from a furnace throughout the home

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• Natural gas heating systems typically cost less to operate than other fuels. • They are available in a wide variety of high-effi ciency models.

Types of Heating Systems Gas heating systems can be fueled by either natural gas or propane with simple modifications accounting for the different characteristics of each.

Selection of a home heating system for a new or existing home requires an understanding of how various systems operate, their initial cost, and how much they cost to operate.

Improving or modifying your home heating system can be financially and environmentally beneficial. existing gas heating system If you are heating with gas and are thinking of converting to a more efficient gas heating system, you can estimate the savings you

Circulatory wood heating system The remarkable VALLEY COMFORT 95 The new Valley Comfort 95 circulatory wood heating system has the same qualities 400 cfm blower will move the heat almost anywhere in a home. Why More than 75,000 Canadian and U.S. Convenience – homes use Valley Comfort heaters.

AN INTRODUCTION TO HEATING YOUR HOME 2 A major capital and on-going expense in your household budget is the provision of energy for heating your house

Your heating system is usually the largest energy user in your home, so choosing an energy-efficient unit is especially important. When shopping

Today’s energy system is wasteful: Slide 2. Example 3: supplemented by a portion of the proceeds from the sale of carbon dioxide allowances under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), Home Heating, Rent or Medicine

The central heating and cooling system you require depends on heating your home • efficiency rating up to 95% aFue TRAnE xC95m Central air systems pair an air conditioner with a gas furnace. this type of system is used in

Ity, and provide both heating and cooling • Gas Packs – These run on natural gas or propane for heat, and a new heating system in a new home or renovated property. If you replacing an existing gas forced air furnace, you will

HYDROGEN HOME HEATING UNIT USES WATER FOR FUEL . Boise, Id January '09 it is only logical to utilize this gas to its practical purpose.” Said Bunn, “The base unit consumes as much power as an average home computer and will effectively heat an area of over

Natural Gas Heating-System Replacement Program Rebates Available: Customer will choose an Oklahoma-licensed contractor to install new natural gas home-heating equipment. 2. Review program eligibility and requirements with the customer. 3.

Housing Fact Sheets Oil and Gas Central Heating Systems Recent advances in gas and oil central heating technology have resulted in highly efficient

• Economical natural gas—combined with hydronic heating technology—helps lower homeowner operating costs for heating. • Versatile designs will help cut costs of home heating for both inside

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