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Heating and Cooling System Your home is equipped with an efficient heating and cooling system to keep you and your family comfortable. Your home has one of two basic heating and

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Heating Units Section Subject State of Ohio Weatherization Program Standards OWPS 601-1 OWPS 601-1 10-01-06 Page 1 of 7 APPROVED MOBILE HOME HEATING UNITS 601-1.1 Determine whether the existing heating unit is approved units, take a gas pressure test, measure the orifice, and

Selection of a home heating system for a new or existing home requires an understanding of how various systems operate, their initial cost, and how much they cost to operate.

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Heat and Air Conditioning System Right-size your unit Make sure the new unit you put into your home is the right size for your home today.

C.1 Appendix C Home Heating Analysis Introduction This home energy audit will guide you in calculating the heat loss of your residence. This audit includes heat gains from various sources; Item H (on the summary page)

Gas-Fired Heating Equipment, By far, the most-utilized fuel type for Direct Gas-Fired Heating Systems is Natural Gas. In addition, LP, In the air stream leaving direct gas-fired units, concentrations of no more than the following are allowed:

GAS: RESIDENTIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION OF GAS PIPING AND/OR . for both gas and water in a home with a 200 amp service) 4.) Gas appliances/heating units cannot be installed in sleeping rooms, bathrooms or in any

Natural Gas Is Good for Your Home or Business You can count on natural gas to deliver the superior performance you require from your cooling equipment.

The most common fuels used for home heating are Natural Gas, Electricity, Propane Gas (LP gas) and Fuel Oil. Each of these fuels are measured and sold in different

So meter charges are spread out over several units of gas. If your bill shows gas consumption in Comparing Fuel Costs of Heating and Cooling Systems. 2 delivering one MBTU from wood in a modern wood insulated and weatherized home, your heating costs

Source of home heating fuel; associated with the installation of gas-heating equipment that either replaces oil-heating equipment or increases Applicant’s gas heat-burning capability. regulations related to its oil to gas conversion.

Home Heating in an Emergency At some time you may face a heating emergency — when your home heating system is inoperative for hours or days.

Housing Fact Sheets Oil and Gas Central Heating Systems Recent advances in gas and oil central heating technology have resulted in highly efficient

A gas driven combined heat and power (CHP) unit generates heat and power simultaneously. These units are sized to suit residential complexes and commercial

4. Appliance efficiency. When comparing fuels, an important factor is the efficiency of your home’s heating appliance. Efficiency is measured by how well your heater

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits . Furnaces, Boilers and Air Conditioners . Many home energy efficiency investments are eligible for a federal tax credit, up

C.1 Appendix C Home Heating Analysis Introduction This home energy audit will guide you in calculating the heat loss of your residence. This audit includes heat gains from various sources; Item H (on the summary page)

Property Type: (Only dwellings with 1-3 units are eligible for these Cash-Back Rewards) q Single Family q Multifamily 2-3 Units q Other: _____ SECTION 2: CONTRACTOR q Natural Gas Home Heating Boiler 90% AFUE – $300 Cash-Back Reward: n Boiler must have an AFUE of 90% or greater.

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) ENERGY STAR Labeled New Home must be equipped with a mechanical ventilation system.Controlled mechanical ventilation pro- Heating System Minimum AFUE Gas Oil Furnace 90 84 Boiler 84 84

HOME HEATING guide A quick look at electric heating systems and ways you can make your home more efficient Please contact Columbia River PUD for copies

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