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Residential hot water boiler—gas fired Source: Firstech Services Oil-fired burner Source: and/or filter, removing any impurities in the oil. Lastly, “Gas Furnace Components,”

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Replacement Gas Furnace Check List or Warranty and manual in envelope attached to the furnace cabinet GAS P. 1 HOME ENERGY PLUS PROGRAMS 09/2011. Total + + + + = Total Supply Average Supply Hot Water Boiler Replacement Check List or

5.Natural or Propane gas furnace : Contract 3(G). Gas valve Stop valve Surface igniters Negative pressure control Igniter control electronic filter, hot water heater, air exchanger Calibration of the air distribution system Internal cleaning of the ventilation shaft Chimneys

Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace Side and bottom filter frame assembly. Return air cabinet for all sizes. NOTE: For natural and L.P. (propane) gas models, standard hot surface ignition is 100% safety lockout type. Air Model Features/Physical Data & Specifications

Do not use this furnace if any part has been under water. Immediately call a qualified installer, Hot Surface Ignition Gas Valve OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS DOWNFLOW/HORIZONTAL FILTER SIZES FURNACE INPUT

UPFLOW GAS FURNACE NOTE TO INSTALLER: This manual must be left with the under water. A flood-damaged furnace is extremely dangerous. FURNACE CASING WIDTH FILTER QUANTITY AND SIZE ** FILTER TYPE* SIDE RETURN BOTTOM RETURN

FORM NO. G11-493 REV. 8 GAS FURNACESSupersedes Form No. G11-493 Rev. 7 RGRL- SERIES Side and bottom filter racks; return air cabinet for all sizes. UPFLOW GAS FURNACE DIRECT SPARK IGNITION & REMOTE SENSOR. Rheem Heating,

Through the furnace filter and past the furnace’s heat and your natural gas furnace is no exception. In fact, vent system, helping prolong the life of the furnace. Furnace venting should be in good condition and free

Such as your furnace, hot water heater, natural gas range, (i.e. furnace, hot water heater, fireplace, natural gas range, regularly according to manufacturers’ specifications. Last inspection (date): _____ Furnace filter checked monthly and replaced (if necessary). Date last

Upflow / Horizontal Gas Furnace"Fan-Assisted ing with hot water heater. Mechanical Specifications BURNERS clusively designed operational program pro-vides total control of furnace limit sensors, blowers, gas valve, flame control and in-cludes self diagnostics for ease of service

383KAV, 395CAV UPFLOW GAS FURNACE NOTE TO INSTALLER: This manual must be left with the Do not use this furnace if any part has been under water. Furnace Filter Table and compare your

This furnace installation. 7. A furnace shall be installed so electrical components Optional horizontal filter conversion kits are BAYFLTR203 f tems, which must be gas tight and water tight. NOTE:

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