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High Efficiency Water Heaters Provide Hot Water for Less natural gas, oil, and propane. One drawback of these units is the energy used to keep the water hot at all times, These water heaters are much more efficient than electric

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A. O. Smith Introduces Most Energy-Efficient Direct Vent Gas Water Heater to the the quality and performance of all A. O. Smith water heaters,” said it’s now one of our most energy-efficient residential gas models, capable of supplying hot water for a variety of

Energy Efficient Natural Gas Water Heater Features of energy efficient gas water heaters include improved insulation, a more efficient burner system, refined flue baffles and more efficient heat These compact units have a gas burner that ignites when a hot water faucet is turned on.

hot water delivery. ELECTRONIC IGNITION Residential Gas Water Heaters The end result is the most efficient atmospheric gas product on the market with a .70 Energy Factor (EF). For technical information call 800-527-1953. A. O.

Energy Efficient Homes: Water Heaters1 conventional gas storage water heaters with a few exceptions. The major enhancement these units have, Energy-efficient Strategies for Supplying Hot Water in the Home, accessed April 20, 2008,

Homes that use hot water or steam from a gas boiler No matter which type of natural gas water heater you chose, be sure the models you are considering are Atmospherically vented gas water heaters are the most common type.

ATMOSPHERIC GAS WATER HEATERS RESIDENTIAL FEATURES Pressurized Combustion hot water delivery. Electronic Ignition •The durable hot surface ignitor eliminates pilot relight issues HIGH EFFICIENCY GAS WATER HEATERS

Flue dampers seal off the flues of naturally drafted gas water heaters when there is no exhaust to reduce heat loss up the flue. this becomes a most efficient hot water system. Heat pump Storage tank Drain valve Thermostat Access cover Heat Hot and cold water service to sink HOT WATER

The end result is the most efficient atmospheric gas Tighter differential for more consistent hot water delivery ELECTRONIC IGNITION Residential Gas Water Heaters HIGH EFFICIENCY MODEL FIRST HOUR RATING GALLONS GALLON CAPACITY ENERGY FACTOR BTU

Old standard efficiency gas hot water heaters. efficient models are nearly triple the value of older units. This greatly when purchasing a new gas water heater purchase the one with the lower operating costs.

Economically provide domestic hot water on demand. Our tankless endless hot water. The most efficient models in our Therm line of gas tankless water heaters. Models: C 1050 ES, C 950 ES 15 YEAR WARRANT Y Low NOx Features u Improved energy factor to Bosch Greentherm Efficient Water

STATE SUPER HIGH EFFICIENCY GAS WATER HEATERS. RESIDENTIAL . with a “flue tube” that vents hot combustion gases straight up and out, the Force 90+

Although tankless gas water heaters tankless water heater most efficient? Tests were completed by Davis Energy Group, a Building America research partner Tankless Gas Water Heaters as a Function of Daily Hot Water Use (NREL 2006) 2.

Energy Efficient Gas Water Heater These uniquely designed energy-efficient gas water heaters are engineered to capture otherwise wasted hot combustion gases

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