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Description Part Number Kit* 4 zone, 3H/2C panel used for conventional, heat pump or dual-fuel systems; RedLINK enabled; for their HVAC systems. Honeywell lets you offer a range of solutions that add control from anywhere in the home

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Carrier’s Comfort Heat system is now supported by Comfort Zone II -B, with all the features of the Thermidistat™ Control. When used with compatible variable-speed furnaces and fan coils,

2 Model number nomenclature ZONE CC 4 KIT 01 –B Zone Product Series Carrier Packaged Quantity 0 — Not Zone Dependent 2 — Number of Zones 4 — Number of Zones

What is Zoning and Zone Control? Zoning and Zone Control of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems are two ways of saying individual

85‐03‐00779 4 Mendota Heat Dump Kit ‐ Features • Extracts 95% of the fireplace’s heat and expels it out of the home, to the basement, attic or any desired location.

Zoning System Design Manual 70-2321—03 2 IntroductIon The Concept of Zoning The basic principle of forced air zoning is to allow one HVAC system to be controlled by multiple thermostats,

2 HVAC Control and Balancing Dampers ® Commercial Control Dampers are used in buildings to regulate the flow of air in an HVAC system. They can be used in intake, exhaust, or mixed air applications.

2 Hearth & Home Technologies • Heat-Zone® Gas Air Duct Kit • 659-900 Rev. N • 2/15 This kit is tested and safe when installed in accordance with

Installation Guide 69-2198—03 2 MOUNTING Mount the HZ432 TrueZONE panel near the HVAC equipment; locate it on a wall, stud, roof truss, or cold-

AUTOMATIC ZONE DAMPER SYSTEMS NEW E-Z WIRE ZONE SYSTEMS CONDENSED CATALOG AND LIST PRICE INDEX #104 April 1, desired functions for the type of HVAC Equipment Outputs and zone thermostats used. These panels use System Kit- for use with Plug-In DC Damper Motors

All heat pump manufacturers use a fossil fuel kit in order to make the most effective use of the heat pump and furnace. sophisticated VAV and computer controlled HVAC systems. Zone the use of zoning. On a two zone system this many not be recom-

The Heat-Zone-Gas kit is carefully engineered and must be installed only as specified. If you modify it or any of components must be purchased from an HVAC supplier. Support duct at intervals of no greater than four feet, with no more than 1/2" sag between supports as re-

4‐Ton 8 Zone Multi‐Split Heat Pump System. The Super Multi PLUS Split System is the ultimate, flexible solution Piping Connection Kit KHRP26A22T Operating Range – (Cooling/Heating) °F DB 23 – 115/5 – 75

505023M 01/11 Page 2 Introduction The Lennox Harmony III Zone Control System manages the distribution of conditioned air to specific areas or zones

HVAC KIT: The HVAC Kit is designed to help prevent loss of air conditioning your panel, if not, you can use one zone in series with all devices. MADE IN U.S.A. 4561 Kit Includes 2 4561 Tilt Sensors 1 Specified Resistor Pack w/72” Lead 4 4” Nylon wire Ties

The Robertshaw Slimzone Deluxe logic panel is designed for residential and light commercial *Use with resistor kit SlimZone Deluxe 3 ITEM QUANTITY DESCRIPTION Zone Dampers From HVAC panel to Logic panel Logic Panel and Zone Damper Transformers Zone Thermostats DELUXE

85‐03‐00779 4 Mendota Heat Dump Kit ‐ Features • Extracts 95% of the fireplace’s heat and expels it out of the home, to the basement, attic or any desired location.

Center-Averaging Flow Probe Kit, Johnson Controls® damper dimensions are from the outside edges of the damper frame. control, round, and zone dampers in typical HVAC applications. They are also used to position the blades in a VAV box. The

Zone Perfect Plus kit includes the User Interface; Equipment Controller; 1, 3, or 7 remote room sensors; a duct temperature sensor; HVAC equipment) •Auxiliary heating lockout •Auxiliary cooling lockout Optional Features •Smart Sensors

Restrictor Kit D-47 Pneumatic Nos. 3, 4 & 6 Damper Actuators Damper Shaft Cranks D-48 Linkage Kits D-48 Mounting Hardware D-49 damper shaft bearing for universal mounting plate, 331-623 Steel Pivot Post For service • • 1 331-547

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