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“Ours is the only non-boiler, wood gasi fi cation furnace in the industry that we are aware of. this is the cleanest-burning wood furnace in

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Outdoor Wood Boiler & Air Quality Fact Sheet Outdoor wood boilers generate much more particle pollution than an indoor wood stove because the units are built

GASIFIER OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE SPECIFICATIONS G2 G3 Overall Height (in) 66 74 **for outdoor & INDOOR installation** INSTALLATION ATTACHMENTS Attaches easily to: Hot Water Boiler • Forced Air Furnace In Floor Heating • Overhead Unit Heater Water to water plate exchanger to

From date of sale. All other components, including electronics, gaskets and grates, Weldless boiler pipe has working wood-burning furnace should be able to keep the room temperature above that of the setting of the

Do not store coal within boiler installation clearances, or within the space required for charging and ash removal. 4. Do not store wood within boiler installation clearances, or within the space required for charging and ash removal.

The law establishes requirements for the sale, installation and use of these devices. People considering purchasing an outdoor wood boiler are

Water stove or outdoor wood furnace) means a fuel burning device that No person shall sell or offer for sale any outdoor wood boiler with a particulate emission rate greater than 0.60 lbs/MMBtu heat input as certified in accordance Model Regulation Outdoor Hydronic Heaters

MOSS WOOD BOILER SYSTEMS Page 5 MOSS STEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Moss steam management systems provides certain boiler operating data to a remote located PC.

He very simplest wood-fired hot water “system” is a pot of water on the back of the stove. It’s cheap, wood. I wish I could be more specific, but a blast furnace in seconds. That’s why I don’t use a “flue-robber”. Today’s

Greenwood Frontier Series Wood Gasification Boiler Each furnace meets strict UL and CSA standards for indoor operation, much like your existing hot-water heater. Patent Pending EACH GREENWOOD FRONTIER SERIES BOILER COMES WITH:

Mess associated with traditional indoor wood stoves. Outside burning removes the threat of devastating chimney fires, dangerous carbon monoxide or oxygen depletion which affects your indoor air quality. Return to Outdoor Furnace © 2013 Central Boiler

Harman SF-160 Central Heating Trident Wood/Coal Boilers Warm Up Your Quality Time with Harman Central Heating The Harman Trident Boiler is designed to burn pea, stove or nut coal, or wood, and is available in three sizes so you can

Traditional indoor wood stoves. Our innovative, industry-leading design maximizes efficiency. It provides a heat source free of foreign nation influence “We are very happy with our Central Boiler furnace. The wood and mess are all outside,

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