Induction Heating Hyperthermia

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An induction heater device for studies of magnetic hyperthermia and specific absorption ratio measurements M. E. Cano, A. Barrera, J An induction heater device for studies of magnetic hyperthermia and specific absorption ratio recent works8,9 have reported that the induction heating is al-

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Cancer Hyperthermia Using Nanomagnetic Particles and Induction of Immune Responses Takeshi Kobayashi Japan Abstract Magnetic nanoparticle-mediated hyperthermia has the potential to achieve heating

Numerical simulation of thermal disposition with induction heating used for oncological hyperthermic treatment F. Dughiero I S. Corazza 2

We have investigated magnetic induction heating techniques for achieving normal tissue hy- distribution of magnetic-loop induction hyperthermia in phantoms and animals: Effect of the living state and velocity of heating. Int. J. Radiat.

Nagoya j. med. sci. 59. 49 – 54, 1996 thermochemotherapy for cancer of the tongue using magnetic induction hyperthermia (implant heating system: ihs)

INT. J. HYPERTHERMIA, 1993, VOL. 9, NO. 1, 51-68 Inductive heating of ferrimagnetic particles and magnetic fluids: physical evaluation of their potential for hyperthermia

Petrovich Z, Langholz B, Astrahan M, Emami B, 1988, Deep microwave hyperthermia for metastatic tumors of the liver. Recent Results Cancer Res 107: 244 – 8. Pettigrew RT, Galt JM, Ludgate CM, Smith AN, 1974, Clinical effects of whole body hyperthermia in advanced malignancy.

The induction of hyperthermia by ultrasound: its value and associated problems I. Single, static, plane transducer Gail ter Haart and J W HopewellS i Physics ultrasonic heating have been studied. Thigh muscle of Large White pigs has been irradiated

Induction heating of tumors in vivo in an ac magnetic field is performed at frequencies, as a rule, In clinical hyperthermia, such heating is excluded because of system complications (increase of blood pressure and heart attack) [1, 4, 10]. Therefore, for clinical whole-body hyperthermia,

Title: Low Invasive Temperature Monitoring Method for Hyperthermia Using Induction Heating Author: Kazutaka Mitobe, Hajime Saito, Masafumi Suzuki, Noboru Yoshimura

heating. The induction hyperthermia therapy with thermoseeds has been shown to have good prospect in ani mal experiments9,10 and clinical tri-als research11 has achieved a better remission rate, and is safe and reli-able. This critical review discusses

Induction heating studies of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles capped with oleic acid and polyethylene glycol for hyperthermia† Runa Ghosh,‡a Lina Pradhan,‡b Yensenbam Priyabala Devi,a S. S. Meena,c R. Tewari,d Amit Kumar,b

A COMPACT HALF-BRIDGE INDUCTION HEATING sively studied for the treatment of hyperthermia, in which case deposited magnetic particles are used to locally heat human tissues. Application of magnetic materials for hyperthermia of biological tissues has

Heating mechanisms of magnetic nanoparticles in hyperthermia treatment Anna Lukawska and Gregory Kozlowski Wright State University, Physics Department

Magnetic Induction Heating of Nano-sized Ferrite Particles 485 Here b is so called Rayleigh constant indicati ng a linear dependence of permeability on H,

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