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PHILIPS IN INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING The heaters are efficient and inexpensive for the most varied industrial applications where heat is required. PROCESSING Helios Infrared heaters have been employed in the industrial processing many times;

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Radiant Process Heaters Gemini Series Call Toll Free: (800) 323-6859 • Fax: (630) 350-0232 • E-Mail: 7-53 ® Medium Wave Infrared E-Mitters

Caloritech™ OKA infrared radiant heaters are primarily These are widely used in industrial applications where high lacquers, and adhesives, for softening plastics and for food processing. Quartz lamp fixtures must be mounted horizontally. TYPE L 60° Spread kW Standard Voltages Overall

Energy efficient ceramic infrared heater Ceramic infrared heaters are designed to emit wavelengths in the far range at certain operational powers and temperatures. As Infrared heating in food processing: An overview. Comprehensive

Ing the major segments of the industrial heat processing equipment industry. To learn more Industrial Infrared Catalytic Heaters, Ovens When compared to heating with convection systems, infrared heating is the fastest method used to drive up the surface temperature of plastics and coated

PROTHERM™ series FSA heaters are highly efficient, fast response, medium wavelength infrared heaters designed for use in general industrial process heating applications for sensitive products such as coating webs or textiles. •Heats up to processing temperatures in about 30 seconds.

_____ Industrial Processing _____ Non-Profit Organizations _____Government Entity, Nonprofit School, Nonprofit Hospital, and Church (circle type of organization) _____Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) and 501 (c)(4) Organizations

Infrared Heaters Electromagnetic Spectrum AUDIO RADIO INFRARED VISIBLE ULTRA-VIOLET XRAYS GAMMA Most useful infrared energy for industrial processing results between 1 and 4 microns ( ). A micron is the unit of measurement of infrared wavelengths. ( 1 = 10cm).

1 Industrial Process Heating – Technology Assessment 2 3 Contents 4 Case study – Infrared heating reduces energy and improves material properties .. 20 18 6. References 54 heaters, kilns, and melters. 55

Gas processing and oil refining); Infrared heating is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications (e.g., warehousing, manu- Infrared heaters are usually classified into two simple groups, high-intensity infrared heaters and low-

PROTHERM™ series FS heaters are high efficiency, medium wavelength infrared heaters designed for use in general industrial process heating applications such as paint curing, plastics, preheating, web drying and curing, etc. •Heats up to processing temperatures in about 25-45 seconds.

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