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HIGH EFFICIENCY INFRARED HEATING SYSTEMS AWARD WINNING UNIQUE “IN-SERIES” PATENTED BURNER DESIGN. savings requirements of the application can be realized. • Infrared heaters can reduce the required heat

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Infrared Energy Generators Low-, medium-, and high-intensity infrared heaters are fre-quently applied in aircraft hangars, factories, warehouses, found- Buckley and Seel (1987) compared energy savings of infrared heating with other types of heating systems. A New York State report (1973)

SCHWANK INFRARED HEATERS ECCO Supply™ 2-1 Expert Service. Quality Products. Since 1960. up to 65% energy savings. Perfect for industrial and commercial spaces and aircraft hangers, they have been awarded with

Infrared heaters = Warmth at occupancy level Thus, the thermal lift within buildings is avoided. Expensive and unnecessary hot air stratification

infrared heaters suspended overhead, and the individual workers are generating body Ø WHAT DOES THE CUSTOMER EXPECT FROM THE INFRARED SYSTEM? Fuel savings, ability to heat large high bay buildings and worker comfort are the

Infrared heaters are usually classified into two simple groups, high-intensity infrared heaters and low- intensity infrared heaters. 3.1 Benefits of Infrared Heating Designed for Energy Savings – Fuel and Electricity:

Goals in gas savings. One of the areas in focus is heating system for industrial facilities, an overlooked opportunity until recently. unit heaters with infrared heaters. Infrared heating is nothing new but properly applying it to

It is not unusual to generate fuel savings of 40% or more compared to forced air heating methods such as unit heaters. In high bay structures, for creature comfort and energy savings. Infrared heaters do get hot, so proper mounting distances and clearance requirements must be met.

This issue is Infrared Radiant Heating. Energy savings of up to 50% are possible when converting a convective forced air heating system to Infrared Radiant All infrared radiant heaters have high surface temperatures therefore, should not be used when the atmosphere contains ignitable dust,

Solaira SMaRT 40 and 60 Push Button Timers are part of a family of water-resistant Solaira SMaRT controllers Offers energy savings for Infrared Heaters when there is no one in the zone Control up to 6.0kW Infrared Heaters

In-Wall Heater. Owner’s Manual. In-Wall Far Infrared Heaters. Feel the Difference. BioSmart . Technologies. Customer/Warranty Service: 800-595-9605 BioSmart® BIO-1500FTA In-Wall Edition Far Infrared Heater. 50% Energy savings with BioSmart Infrared Test booth starting temperature.

CORAYVAC® is unique from other infrared heaters because it can be designed as a condensing system. Lowering exhaust temperatures puts more heat in the space Savings Over Unit Heaters URV URV URV Seasonal Fuel Consumption *Estimated savings, results may vary.

CZ Infrared Infrared Heaters much as 65% savings is achieved if replacing heating oil or other fossil fuel heating systems. ©2009 EarthWise Technologies, Inc CZ Infrared™ Heater Specifications Model CZ1500

In addition to the gas and electric energy savings, infrared heaters have other economical installation and operational features. Model RIH, RIHV heaters can be suspended by chains from a joist or mounted to a wall, making them well suited for space or spot heating.

Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater Repair This video will show how I disassembled a Life Smart Heater, model number LS- PP1800-6WCH. Affordable, reliable and powerful fireplace infrared heaters for you and your family. and

Infrared Heaters Offer Green Benefits Long before the importance of the environment was widely understood, fuel efficient heaters for industrial and commercial use were available in the

infrared heaters suspended overhead, and the individual workers are generating body Ø WHAT DOES THE CUSTOMER EXPECT FROM THE INFRARED SYSTEM? Fuel savings, ability to heat large high bay buildings and worker comfort are the

Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater Problems Featuring a stylish look, infrared heaters produce warmth with technology, sending heat at specific locations or people.

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