Luxaire Furnace Condensate Pan

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This furnace installation. 7. A furnace shall be installed so electrical components IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT A DRAIN PAN BE INSTALLED UNDER THE FURNACE TO PREVENT PROPERTY DAMAGE, Evaporator and furnace condensate drain piping may be manifolded together.

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Slide header panel over tubing and condensate pan connections. Secure fitting panel to casing. 6. Cut bottom portion of header plate, just below the field−supplied adapter be placed between the coil and furnace to allow air to distribute properly between all slabs of the coil. 484 01 3800 00 7

To 2 inch PVC reducer to connect the larger pipe to the furnace. furnace compartment to the drain reservoir, Condensate Drain Connection Diagrams Upflow/Downflow “Standard” – Right Side Drain Connection .

R Series Air Handler Installation Instructions Table of Contents AIR HANDLER SAFETY 1 Air filters must be listed as Class 2 furnace air filters. Test condensate drain pan and drain line after installation:

– See bulletin 210163 indexed at the front of this tab section for complete coil to furnace match-up information. – Non-corrosive polymer drain pan with dual fpt drain connections. Condensate drain (fpt) – in. (mm) (2) 3/4 (19)

6 Install Condensate Drain Pan The air handler is provided with ³⁄₄ in. NPT condensate drain connections. A field-fabricated auxiliary drain pan, with a drain pipe to the

Aluminum foil faced insulation shall be used in the furnace compartment and be fastened with ridged fasteners to prevent insulation from entering the air stream. Condensate pan shall be internally sloped and conform to ASHRAE 62-89 self YORK® MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Author: samyr Last

DIAMOND 80 HIGH EFFICIENCY GAS-FIRED FURNACES. HOW YOUR GAS FURNACE WORKS Your furnace is a very easy appliance to take for granted. Season after season, it sits there in your home, keeping you warm and comfortable. For this reason, you may never have given much thought

Payne Furnace Error Code 34 This one shows the simple failure codes for Carrier, Bryant, Payne furnaces built in the late. Payne, Trane, Luxaire, Coleman or payne failure codes listed on furnace Turn off the furnace, Good service and Replaced condensate pan inside air handler under warranty

Table of Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Special Warning for Installation of Furnace or Air Handling Units in Enclosed Areas such as Garages, CONDENSATE REMOVAL The coil drain pan has a primary and an optional secondary drain

Condensing Furnace: Furnace with annual fuel utilization efficiency rating more than 88 percent; designed to vent saturated flue gas. Luxaire Heating & Air Conditioning; Unitary Products Group. Rheem Mfg. Co.; Air Conditioning Div.

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