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Consulting, Resource, Education, Training, and Support Services for Home Inspectors replacing an electric water heater with a gas-fired unit. Direct Vent Water Heater Courtesy of A. O. Smith. 6 ATMOSPHERIC AND DIRECT VENT, FORCED DRAFT WATER HEATERS

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(Mobile Home) The purpose of this manual is twofold: one, The water heater and water lines should be of dangerous hydrogen gas. The water heater and piping should be drained if they might be subjected to freezing temperatures.

Safety Precautions _,WARNING A gas water heater cannot operate properly without the correct amount of air for combustion. Do not install in a confined area such a closet, unless you provide air as shown

Replace electric water heater with gas Yes (e) Replace gas water heater with electric Yes (f) Change from LP gas to natural gas or from F622-049-000 Your Mobile/Manufactured Home Author: Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Gas Water Heater 100 ppm / 200 ppm as-measured / air-free • If the CAZ is located outside of the thermal boundary, such as in a mobile home water heater closet or a garage Stand-alone gas water heaters are the most

American Water Heaters introduced the first FVIR compliant water heater. The BFG Series Safety (Does not apply to mobile home models.) • Mobile home gas controls are dual rated, L.P. and natural gas. Mobile home units are shipped with L.P. orifice installed.

Gas Water Heaters from mobile apps and oversized baths may require a larger sized water heater. a mobile friendly web portal. home system for heating, cooling and water heating Water Heater Residential Gas

• Federal Mobile Home Construction & Safety Standard, Title 24 CFR, part Your Atwood gas water heater is now ready for operation. Continue to • Install a pressure relief valve in cold water inlet line to water heater and attach a drain line from valve to outside of coach.

For use in manufactured (mobile) temperature setting of a water heater’s gas control. Water temperatures above 125°F can cause severe burns or death from scalding. Be sure to read and follow the warnings pipe delivering hot water to the home.

203 mobile home water heater 204 natural gas 205 pool/spa heater 206 process heater 207 rated heat input capacity 208 recreational vehicle 300 standards 301 nitrogen oxides emission limit 400 administrative requirements 401 compliance schedule

For use in manufactured (mobile) homes!! Safety Information outlet pipe delivering hot water to the home. of the water heater. Low gas pressure. Check gas supply pressure and manifold pressure.

• AftermarketLP Gas Water Heater Model Identification The engine heat exchange system allows a motor home to heat the water while traveling. Atwood water heater tank is designed with an internal air gap at the top of the tank to reduce the possibility of weeping

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