Natural Fuel Gas Furnace Rebates New York

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natural gas furnace or boiler, electric heating system, heat pump or coal and wood heating systems. • Rebates are for retrofit (replacement) applications only. Rebates are NOT available for new home • Rebates are available to Orange & Rockland (New York) and Pike

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2014 High-Efficiency Natural Gas Equipment Rebates. HEATING EQUIPMENT. FURNACE RATING REBATE. Up to 150 MBH 95% AFUE* or greater & ECM motor . $300. Up to 150 Fuel Conversion 040109. NATURAL GAS COMMERCIAL . High-Efficiency Commercial Natural Gas Equipment Rebates High-Efficiency

Once your new natural gas, high-efficiency heating NATURAL GAS FURNACE ≥92% AFUE NATURAL GAS FURNACE W/ECM ≥92% AFUE MANUFACTURER MODEL # of the rebates provided by the natural gas utility to the customer. 7. Liability & Release

(25c) for High-Efficiency HVAC and Water Heating Equipment On January 1, $300 tax credit limit for packaged heat pumps and packaged dual-fuel systems meeting or exceeding 14 SEER, $300 tax credit limit for natural gas,

Natural Gas. To Save Money, Conserve! n Have a professional inspect your gas furnace at least every other year, and do any recommended maintenance. n Check furnace filters every month. The EmPower New York Con Edison Gas Energy Efficiency

• For information on natural gas services and rebates, contact Vermont Gas Systems at 802-863-4511, ext. 321. New Furnace Manufacturer New Furnace Model # Installation Date Fuel Type (check one) Furnace Efficiency Incomplete or missing information will delay processing of rebate form and

System Type Natural Gas Furnace Integrated Natural Gas Space and Water Heating Setback thermostats must control natural gas fired heating systems to qualify. Rebates and Minimum Efficiency Requirements Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency 2CAE:

Approved National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation’s request to continue the company’s The utility provides natural gas service to approximately 500,000 customers in western New York. The program provides rebates to residential customers installing energy efficiency

Furnace and Water Heater Rebate Application For Natural Gas Customers of Elizabethtown Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas, participating in other programs within NJCEP or New Jersey Weatherization Assistance Programs may not be eligible for rebates. ©New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

3 Installed by a contractor at time of qualifying natural gas furnace or boiler installation. m Step 2: NYSEG/RG&E will provide rebates for This program will automatically stop taking new rebate reservations when program funding is exhausted.

Each natural gas furnace and boiler they sell. A F U E : Annual Fuel Utilization Eff i c i e n c y , New York Boiler – 11 – Peerless Heater P e n n c o R a y p a k Sears Roebuck ( K e n m o re ) S l a n t – F i n Smith Cast Iron Boilers

Company of New York, Inc. (“Con Edison” or participants a $2,000 conversion rebate for the installation of a new, natural gas-fired boiler or furnace that meets a minimum efficiency of 82% commodity pricing of gas vs. heating oil, the conversion rebates; additional high efficiency

Save Energy at Home with Natural Gas Efficiency New York City & Long Island Save money, improve comfort ** Programmable thermostats must be installed by a contractor at the time of furnace or boiler replacement. * AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

MassSave/GasNetworks 2012 High Efficiency Heating and Water Heating Rebates for Residential Customers. (natural gas furnace, condensing hot water boiler, Appendix A. Simplified Formulas for Calculating Savings from Upgrading the Efficiency of a Residential Gas Furnace or Boiler.

With a natural gas, New York: New York provides a property tax exemption. Wisconsin provides a minor incentive with the Renewable Energy Sales Tax Exemption. Exempts biomass sold as fuel for residential use from 100% of state sales and use tax.

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