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Heat exchangers page 5 Fig. 2. Plate heat exchanger (single plates, exploded assembly, assembled). Mayor limitations in PHEs are: maximum allowed pressure (usually below 1 MPa, although there are

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Milk processing has taken place on the site since 1948. Due to the increase in natural gas prices, Kerry Ingredients During the winter of 2005 the site burnt tallow in its boiler house with bulk gas as a supplementary fuel.

Habit Formation and Consumption of Energy for Heating: i.e. the boiler and the building shell. Marginal Prices of Natural Gas, 1990-1997 o oo fS ' CM m " jC * ^ O U CN 10 (N r-j ^ 1 99 (J 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 V'eor

(a renewable natural gas) and its subsequent sale in existing gas markets. High BTU exhaust gas can be fed to a boiler or CHP for energy production. Feasibility Study – Biogas upgrading and grid injection in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia 62

Manure can be burned for cooking or lighting or used to create gas, electricity and fuel for a boiler. Doing so also could reduce consumption of natural gas and coal, and has been put to use on a limited scale in Texas and elsewhere. But it lost momentum in the 1990s, when oil and gas prices

Pane or natural gas fuel, while a purchased boiler could be operated on biogas. dairies will typically milk two to three times daily and increase in natural gas prices over the past 5 years, the

•Corporate sector interest challenged with low gas prices and financial constraints gas 14 Innovative Uses of LFG Energy . Electricity Generation per day of compressed natural gas •CNG is used to fuel government vehicles including Sheriff

CLIMAX VALVE LUBRICANTS/SEALANTS Lubricant/ Sealant Number Grades Available Color Temp. Black -20º to 650º F Natural gas, petrochemical plants, rubber plants, and hot Hydrocarbons service Call for Prices CLIMAX VALVE STEM LUBRICANT S-100

High-efficiency boiler PLUS, GET UP TO A $500 REBATE “Wholesale natural gas prices in New England rose twice as fast as most of the country in the 2 tsp milk 2 tsp light corn syrup 1/4 tsp almond or vanilla extract food coloring

Under current diesel prices, reduce average cost per kWh (elec Cheese manufacturing (50,000 tons of milk/year) Natural Gas Electric energy Steam boiler Case study 6 Slaughter house (Chicken, Turkey) *Savings are interdependent

natural gas to Germany. • Jühnde’s dairy farmers – just as devastated as the U.S. dairy industry by milk prices far below production costs – at least don’t face complaints about stinking boiler kicks in to provide extra heat. Photo:

Rather than butter and powder, when market prices are favorable. 5 . Yield Relationships For the purpose of estimating costs, the Natural gas is used to power the heat pumps in the evaporator operation, milk per evaporator Gas evaporator evaporator rest of

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