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Natural Gas Furnace or Boiler 95%+ Efficient Natural Gas Furnace or Boiler 24. Duct Inspection 2013, will be considered for a rebate. Oklahoma Natural encourages each customer to review

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GAS FURNACE CLEAN AND TUNE/REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS . I. HEAT EXCHANGER . 1. Visually check the heat exchanger for any cracks 2. Perform a chemical leak test or another heat exchanger integrity test beyond a visual inspection.

Inspecting Floor Furnaces by Skip Walker Aug. 2008 Based on an Article by Michael Casey and Douglas Hansen, March 1998 Gas-fired floor furnaces are common in homes built through the early1950’s.

Inspection and Adjustment of Combustion in Boilers Abstract The combustion of fuel is routinely used as a source of heat energy. For combustion in a 300 Hp natural gas fired boiler, at a stack temperature of 400 °F, reducing excess O

COMBUSTION APPLIANCE SAFETY & EFFICIENCY . TESTING. This technical brief summarizes the inspection and testing of . Gas-Fired Forced-Air Furnace (natural gas or : propane) Single-Wall Galvanized, or B Vent: B Vent

This program offers a rebate for the completion of a professional clean and tune of your furnace or boiler. Rebate amount is $25 per furnace or boiler.

Oil furnaces require class A vent or type L vent pipe and must comply with NFPA 31 venting requirements Furnace IBA Home Energy Conservation Program New Furnace Installation Inspection Form Furnace Is there a union installed between the shut-off and the furnace? a) Is natural gas

Table 1.1 indicates deck inspection requirements. provides permits and performs inspections on plumbing and natural gas piping and appliance installation. Montgomery County inspectors will not conduct a close-in Attic furnace installed, (pull down stairs required w/attic furnace

GOALS –Identifying high efficiency gas furnaces –Understanding how they work –What to look for during a home inspection

HIGH-EFFICIENCY NATURAL GAS FURNACE REBATE HIGH-EFFICIENCY NATURAL GAS SPACE HEATING BOILER REBATE HIGH-EFFICIENCY NATURAL GAS WATER HEATER REBATE INSPECTION: Program staff reserves the right to conduct on-site pre-inspections and post-inspections of proposed and installed projects.

Natural Gas Boiler and Furnace Information: Note the Qualifying Natural Gas Measures and Rebates above. effectiveness, such as allowing on-site inspection and measurement of installed projects. 8. NYSEG/RG&E/PROGRAM LOGO:

$50.00 rebate–Natural Gas Furnace/Boiler Tune-Up: Rebates will not be issued for more than 100% of the cost of the service. • The furnace/boiler tune-up must be performed by a qualified HVAC contractor whose service includes a full inspection for

Inspection Preparation Checklist Gas Service (Natural Gas / Propane / Other gas) Are there any known problems that would prevent testing or inspection of the furnace or the air conditioning system? If Yes,

OCCUPANCY CAN BE ISSUED: Provide proof {dated receipt signed by the contractor) of inspection of furnace by a licensed heating contractor, All natural solid fuel fireplaces need a clean and Safety check by a licensed chimney contractor. 4. EXTERIOR . Home Inspection Checklist

Odor Identification and Source Checklist Natural Gas Combustion Products and also LP & Natural Gas Safety Hazards . Also see CHIMNEY INSPECTION & REPAIR GUIDE Heating Oil fired equipment? Related to oil fired equipment?

Refinery tank farms and natural gas processing plants. installation, maintenance, alteration and inspection of mechanical systems operating with fuels other than fuel gas shall be regulated by the Georgia Fuel Gas Code), the Georgia State Minimum Standard Gas Code

COMBUSTION APPLIANCE SAFETY & EFFICIENCY . TESTING. This technical brief summarizes the inspection and testing of . Gas-Fired Forced-Air Furnace (natural gas or : propane) Single-Wall Galvanized, or B Vent: B Vent

Natural gas, propane, Gas furnace boiler water heater cleaning and servicing – Have heating appliances, including gas and oil-burning furnaces boilers, An inspection of the explosion relief flappers and glass door gaskets to ensure a

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