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Approximate Heating Value of Common Fuels Natural Gas 1,030 Btu/cu ft 100,000 Btu/therm Propane 2,500 Btu/cu ft 92,500 Btu/gal Approximate Heating Value of Common Fuels Author: runkle Created Date:

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ENERGY STAR natural gas furnace at least 95% AFUE o Vancity mortgage rebate: available to Furnace Price of Natural Gas ($) 4% 6% 8% 10% discount rate . emission and net cost savings)

LX Series Furnaces When it’s cold outside, everyone That’s why we created LX Series Gas Furnaces, so you can take it easy when it comes to all the things you want out of a home heating system. Things like dependable price if the product proves to be defective within two years from

price increases for natural gas and raw materials, export gas is higher than blast furnace top gas and, FINEX® export gas can substitute natural gas, oil, coke and coal for numerous applications, including:

Piedmont Natural Gas Company offers area Gas Appliance Dealers and • Natural gas furnace and electric air conditioning and installation e. Net Purchase Price: The term "Net Purchase Price" shall mean

Gas Orifice Capacity Chart BTU Ratings No. Size <— NATURAL —> <LP>— — 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 7.0 11.0 80 .0135 428 463 495 525 654 1273 79 .0145 494 534 571 605 755 1469 1/64 .0156 572 618 661 701 874 1700 78 .0160 602 650

NATURAL GAS CONVERSION CASE STUDY: Edmund and Donna D the price of oil was more than double the projected cost of natural gas in winter 2011-2012, setting The homeowners installed a 95% AFUE high-efficiency natural gas furnace and a 98 percent high-efficiency natural gas tankless

*Minimum AFUE for natural gas or propane furnce is 95. purchased and price paid. Circle the eligible purchase(s) on the invoice. PPL Fossil furnace Rebate Form 051214.indd Created Date: 5/15/2014 10:04:44 AM

VG7SD 95% AFUE Extra High Efficiency, Direct Vent or Non-Direct Vent, Condensing, 1-Stage Upflow/ Horizontal Gas Furnace, 38,000 – 120,000 BTUH Input VG7SM 95% AFUE Extra High Efficiency, Direct Vent or Non ©2012 R.E. Michel Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 901D-0512

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) 74,720 20,908 48.632 84,820 23,734 55.206 1,621 Dimethyl ether The lower heating value (also known as net calorific value) of a fuel is defined as the amount of heat released by combusting a specified quantity

Natural Gas Models Central heating furnace designs are For Comfort Controls, See price book pages Shipping (Lbs.)/Net (Lbs.) General Data TUD1B100A9H31B 100000 80000 80.0 40 – 70 DIRECT 10 x 8 1 4 SEE FAN PERF. TABLE 3/4

GAS FURNACE SIMULATORSIMUGAS with standing pilot ignition. Either natural gasor liquid-petroleum (LP) gas may be selected for simulation. Room and ambient temperatures, room thermostat, burner air-shutters, fan PRICE LIST – MULTIPLE

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