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Kansas Natural Gas CUSTOMER HANDBOOK. 2. Welcome! You’ve likely unpacked a few (more than a few?) boxes and are enjoying your new utility services, including natural gas from Black Hills Energy. I trust that all went well, because after the safety of our customers and

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Selecting A Natural Gas Heating System B e f o r e you start shopping, it’s helpful to understand some basics: warm air is lighter than cold air, so it rises

Comparing Fuel Costs of Heating and Cooling Systems. 2 delivering one MBTU from wood in a the tables. Table 1 is for natural gas furnaces and boilers. There are three efficiency levels and gas prices range from $5 to $15 Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination on the

Public Information Circular 19 Kansas Geological Survey 1 Natural Gas from Coal in Eastern Kansas K. David Newell, Robert S. Sawin, and Lawrence L. Brady

Returns from Kansas 59th Old Settlers' picnic Deisz, Al Wins Dionne Quints dolls Studies need of natural gas in Cortland Ambulance fees Schweitzer, Paul Of Waterman, Hot air furnaces Being installed in homes in Sycamore Diphtheria and scarlet fever prevail

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Environmental Remediation/Remedial Section Developed By: Aspen Junge and Rick Bean December 28, 2006

KANSAS 67201 VENTING TABLES CATEGORY I CENTRAL FURNACES AGA American Gas Association National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1-1999). sizing methods for Category I fan-assisted central furnaces, the enclosed venting tables

State of Kansas REAL ESTATE LEASE AGREEMENT Heating system efficiency will not be less than 80% steady state at full load for natural gas boilers or furnaces. If these premises shall be damaged by fire, casualty, natural disaster or other cause so as to be

Only use natural gas in furnaces designed for natural gas. Only use propane (LP) Z223.1 or CAN/CGA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code (latest editions). If the vent system must be resized, follow the

High Efficiency Gas and Oil Furnaces A complete line of heating products, combining comfort and quality with affordable prices.

The most common fuels used for home heating are Natural Gas, Electricity, Propane Gas (LP gas) and Fuel Oil. Each of these fuels are measured and sold in different

Warm Air Gas Furnaces Upflow/Horizontal Left and Right Air Discharge This is a safety alert symbol and should never be ignored. The furnace is equipped for installation in natural gas ap-plications. A conversion kit (ordered separately) is re-

Natural gas furnaces with 92 AFUE and 3-ton 13 SEER air conditioners were installed for each home. Refrigerators, Motivating Factors. BHCS toured several local Kansas Energy Star homes in 2007 and realized it would take only a little

BELOIT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT 273, KANSAS Contract Details Contract Type: Energy Savings Performance Contract Client Type: K-12 Education Facility:

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