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UPFLOW NATURAL GAS FURNACES – 90% Supersedes: 035-17489-002 Rev. A (1102) 035-17489-002 Rev. B (0204) HVAC SERVICE PARTS FG9A04010UP11C FG9B06010UP11C FG9B08012UP11C FG9C08016UP11C (2 BURNER) (3 BURNER) (4 BURNER)

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The high efficiency and reliability and simplicity of operating emission reformers with natural gas suggests that they should find extensive use in open-hearth, glass tank, and other flame furnaces.

Energy Efficient Buildings. Furnaces and Boilers. More than 85% of homes in the U.S. are heated with furnaces or hot water boilers. Furnaces burn natural gas, propane (liquefied petroleum gas), or fuel oil to heat air which is supplied to the house.

Selecting A Natural Gas Heating System B e f o r e you start shopping, it’s helpful to understand some basics: warm air is lighter than cold air, so it rises

1.4 Natural Gas Combustion 1.4.1 General1-2 Natural gas is one of the major combustion fuels used throughout the country. It is mainly used

Rhode Island Save energy at home— Residential gas heating rebates Save money, improve comfort and ensure a cleaner environment with energy savings offers for

Any manufacturer of natural gas-fired, fan-type central furnaces subject to this rule that distributes and sells into the District furnaces that comply with the 14 nanograms/Joule emission limit 90 days prior to the applicable compliance date in

Petroleum is a liquid. Natural gas is a gas. Several fossil fuels are made by refining petroleum or natural gas. These fuels include gases such as propane, butane, and

The use of natural gas in operating blast furnaces on air or oxygenated blast made it possible to save a con- siderable quantity of metallurgical coke and to intensify the blast-furnace process.

Gas Furnaces The furnace is build up by an iron framework and Natural gas burners heat up the furnace. The hot air is guided from the burners to the fan units for circulation of the air in the furnace. The furnace has fan units containing circulation fans and motor driven dampers.

Blast furnace operation with natural gas injection and minimum theoretical flame temperature K. S. Abdel Halim *1, V. N. Andronov 2 and M. I. Nasr 1

ENERGY STAR Gas Furnaces Product List List Posted on March 01, 2013 Below are currently qualified ENERGY STAR models available for sale in the U.S. and Canada Carrier Corporation Carrier CARRIER 59TP5A080E17–16 Natural Gas All 96.2 2 Not Applicable 9/6/2011

TABLE 1: NATURAL GAS INCENTIVE CALCULATOR WORKSHEET: BOILERS, FURNACES & HEATERS Reason N: New Capacity R: Replacement Equipment Type Measure Code Manufacturer

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