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Maine Natural Gas Company, Bangor Gas Company and Summit Natural Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (part of Spectra Energy); and Granite State Gas Transmission (part of Unitil). potential gas customers install the most efficient furnaces or boilers available on the market and

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• Natural gas to fireplace, water heaters, furnaces and cook-tops • Energy efficient natural gas water heater(s), Furnace, Cooktop, prices, and speci˚cations without notice. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices rise Elgin Insane Asylum Refuses DeKalb county residents St. Charles, Studies need of natural gas in Cortland Ambulance fees Schweitzer, Paul Of Waterman, Granite arrives for mausoleum Methodist Episcopal Chrch Vote supports ban on amusements

ABOUT UNITIL Unitil Corporation (”Unitil”) provides energy for life by safely and reliably delivering natural gas and electricity in New England.

Blast Furnaces and Coke Blast furnaces are the PCI vs. Natural Gas Break Even Prices Breakeven prices for the two injectants: 400 450 of blast furnaces • By-product of SunCoke’s heat recovery process is power 76 115 Figures in MM tonnes 152

The purpose of the advance payments was to induce producers to sell natural gas at regulated prices to the interstate pipelines, Furnaces which recirculate the products of combustion and extract available heat to a point that causes condensation to occur.

Utilized PCI, and, of those, 17 co-injected natural gas. In 2011, 99 % of the furnaces injected gas while 66 % co injected with gas. Granite City 0.65 Middletown 0.55 Table 2: recent sharp drop in natural gas prices virtually guarantees that no new PCI or GCI

Utilizing natural gas in glassmaking furnaces," ibid., No. 3, Ii (1982). E. K. Polokhlivets, V. N. Ruslov, and V. T. Aidarov, "Methods of conserving energy during the Their wear resistance is higher than that of granite, glasses, porcelain, and ceramics. Their

Rotary or flash calciners are used. However, multiple hearth furnaces often are used to calcine kaolin. Material losses through basic mechanical processing generally are Typically, rotary and vibrating grate dryers fired with natural gas or fuel oil are used for drying fire clay.

United States Steel Corporation . Goldman Sachs . Annual Metals, Mining and Steel Conference . plant operating performance; (e) natural gas, electricity, raw materials and All blast furnaces equipped with PCI as of third quarter 2011

Chapter V. Corporate Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy furnaces and a reduction in the amount of time gas torches were on. company’s exposure to volatile natural gas prices. Photo: BMW Manufacturing 6. Tishimingo,

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