Overhead Residential Garage Gas Heater

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Installation in a residential garage, these units must be installed so GAS FIRED UNIT HEATER DSI-IGNITION MHU45LP MHU45NG HSU45LP HSU45NG MHU75LP MHU75NG HSU75LP HSU75NG 60006 REV. Air Switch/ Interrupteur a air THERMOSTAT Igniter / Contact Gas Valve /

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RESIDENTIAL HEATERS • Smaller gas pipes needed to power the radiant gas tube heater • Lower commercial heating installation cost Dimensions and Specifications MODEL INPUT (BTU/HR) COMPACTSCHWANK U-TUBE RESIDENTIAL GARAGE HEATER

Residential Garage Heater Installation, Operation, & Maintenance • Verify the buildings overhead structure has sufficient All gas lines not completely bled of air. 2. Disconnect flex hose at each heater until gas is present. Connect flex hose and leak test. 3. Gas supply regulator

• RESIDENTIAL GARAGE FOR EITHER INDOOR OR OUTDOOR INSTALLATION These compact gas-fired low-intensity infrared tube heaters have been granted approval by New York City: An overhead heater should be installed so that the

A tube heater system in residential indoor living spaces may result in property damage, Prior to installation, verify that the heater’s gas type and voltage (as listed on the rating plate) • Wood • Overhead doors • Paper • Vehicle lifts

• RESIDENTIAL GARAGE FOR YOUR SAFETY • If a heater is located in an aircraft hangar or near overhead doors, it should be rigidly mounted to prevent swinging. heater’s gas valve regulator when the supply inlet pressure is in

INFRARED RADIANT TUBE HEATER. 1) overhead doors, storage areas with stacked materials, sprinkler heads, gas and electrical lines and any other possible obstructions or hazards. should be sealed to prevent leakage of flue gas into building. For Residential Installations:

heater, which used a luminous flame gas burner developed by George Reznor. This technological breakthrough was an immediate success approval for use in attached residential garage/workshop application. Model UDAP heaters are designed for

You have a garage heater. Plus, you can avoid the carbon monoxide Natural or propane gas** Garage Heaters EAs Y, innovATiv soLUTions For m king oUr g r g ***Applies to residential applications only. See actual warranty certificate for details.

VENTED INFRARED TUBE HEATER FOR RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS. For Your Safety Installers responsibility The HeatWave heater, as well as the gas and electrical supply, overhead garage door.

Garage Heater WHY HEAT YOUR GARAGE? Compact design improves overhead clearance, allowing for more headroom than conventional unit heaters. y y Multiple Fuels Heater can use natural gas or propane (Conversion kit may be required).

Operating thermostat control of any residential water heater. North Carolina Fuel Gas Code: 1. ignition is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the garage floor. Appliances shall be located or protected so that they are

Direct Gas-Fired Air Heating Systems Page 1 of 19 ©2005, Make-Up Air Heater By far, the most-utilized fuel type for Direct Gas-Fired Heating Systems is Natural Gas. In addition, LP, propane-air, or low-BTU fuels may be used.

90+ GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents Do not use the furnace as a heater in a building under construction. In a residential garage, a gas-fired furnace must be installed

UNIT HEATER SIZING GUIDE INSTRUCTIONS Design Temperature Differentials (Degrees F) Number of Heaters Total B TU/H per heater = In˚ltration: UNIT HEATER SIZING GUIDE Volume TD Square Ft. 2 "U" Factor Design T.D. BTU/HR 1 1. Above +15F Disregard Floor Load Residential type building,

Steps for Selecting A Natural Gas Range 1 Sizes 2 Special Features 2 Cooktops 2 Ovens and Broilers 3 residential kitchens. you can use a traditional overhead exhaust fan that runs through a wall or ceiling,

A tube heater system in residential indoor living spaces may result in property damage, Prior to installation, verify that the heater’s gas type and voltage (as listed on the rating plate) • Wood • Overhead doors • Paper • Vehicle lifts

Natural Gas Estimated date natural gas service required: Residential New Construction Geothermal System: Tons Tankless Water Heater Co-Generation Type: Overhead Underground Voltage: 120/240 Other: Phase: 1-Phase 3

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