Patio Heater Natural Gas Conversion

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Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Heaters Model 534AN (Natural Gas) Model 534AP Natural Gas For conversion from propane to Conversion kit natural gas Heater engine unit #534EAN is used with all natural gas installations. Heater engine unit #534EAP is used with all propane installations.

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THE PH3 PATIO HEATER Use and Care Guide heater with a factory supplied conversion kit. • Adaptable For Natural Gas TOOLS NEEDED • Phillips Head Screwdriver • Channel Lock Pliers (Min.2” Capacity) • Pipe Wrench ( 2” or larger)

An overhead heater. Can these be converted to Natural Gas and if so how do I connect them to however before attempting any conversion of an LPG overhead heater we recommend seeking manufacturer’s advice. It should be noted that Natural Gas to Natural Gas via a bayonet ļ¬tting plumbed

Coleman Announces the Recall to Repair Coleman® Gas Grills and Patio Heater Regulators See below to determine if the regulator on your Coleman® Patio Heater needs to be replaced.

Dayton Operating Instructions and Parts Manual 3VG80 2 Dayton Propane Construction Heater ® General Safety Information Make certain you read and understand all

NG (Natural Gas) or LP (Liquified Petroleum Gas or Propane). Gas Conversion kits available Optional 120V AC adapter (usage is optional). NEVER USE THE PATIO HEATER WITHOUT FIRST LEAK TESTING THE GAS CONNECTIONS.

And offer the highest conversion rate of any IR heater in the market at, 81%*. • Portable propane or fixed mount natural gas models available PATIO HEATERS (cont’d) HEATER CONTROLS For bistroSchwank and supremeSchwank patio heaters.

(radiant efficiency ) of a gas infrared heater is: Natural gas usually is billed in either CCF (100 cubic feet) or MCF (1,000 cubic feet). C. FUEL CONVERSION FACTORS HEATER TYPE CONVERSION FACTOR Conventional Unit Heater

Express®; Grill Lovers®; H20 Smoker®; Keepers of the Flame®; New Braunfels Smoker Company®; Oklahoma Joe's®; Patio Bistro®; Patio Caddie®; Patio Kitchen®; Precision Flame®; Natural Gas Conversion Kit 2218932 • •10/31/083499222

On the lower front of the water heater locate the combination gas control valve/thermostat. (See Figure 1) Depress and hold the lock tab located under the gas control knob on the right. Rotate the gas control knob on the combination gas control

Q Patio Heater q Pool Heater q Gas Fireplace Tankless Water Heater $550 Furnace $500 Cooking (Gas Range) the conversion took place or that electric equipment was replaced is required to qualify for the Electric to Gas Conversion rebates. Switch to Natural Gas Appliances

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces (Propane) conversion kit at no additional cost. Lopi gas fireplaces are highly efficient and a great way to reduce your current heating bills. • Heater-rated GreenSmart® technology. • Thin profile

Gas Orifice Capacity Chart BTU Ratings No. Size <— NATURAL —> <LP>— — 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 7.0 11.0 80 .0135 428 463 495 No. Size <— NATURAL —> <LP>— — 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 7.0 11.0 39 .0995 23272

Female Quick-Connect Natural Gas Hose. Safely and easily installs to one of Camco's propane connection kits Weber Q Quick Disconnect Conversion Kit for Travel Trailers Propane Camp Stove Mr Heater Propane Grill Quick Connect Adapter Ul P.O.L.

13kg Patio Connect and disconnect your Propane regulator. LP GAS TO NATURAL GAS CONVERSION INSTRUCTIONS. the Buying the correct propane/natural gas conversion kit and following the instructions. Title:

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