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GAS PATIO HEATER MODEL #PG167H-A Français p. 21 · Materials or items when stored under the heater will be subjected to intense heat and could be 9 Deck Ring 5201949 25 Base Support 5203098 10 Granite Table 2406487 26 Wheel 2404747

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Water Heater – Repair Window – window type, in a 12-month period of time. Window – Repair, if value of work is under $1000.00 Wood Deck – (1 & 2 Family Dwelling) Replacement of This table is a concise guide to Palm Beach County Building Division Policies and local Building Codes.

Do not place heater under a tarp or can-vas cover. LOCATING HEATER FOR USE. 6 INSTALLATION INSTALLING THE HEATER: The Built-in Patio Heater provides radiant warmth indoors (commercial applications only) or outdoors with a powerful 56,000 Btu/hr natural gas.

Fit any outdoor patio or deck space. Permanent heaters can be installed under eaves or along walls to provide year-round comfort. save The operating cost of a natural gas patio heater is substantially lower than similar propane models. safe since it’s lighter than air and dissipates quickly,

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DO I NEED A PERMIT FOR MY PROJECT? • 1 project under Title 11, Trees (the Tree Code). To find out more about • Build a patio or deck that is not more than 30 inches above grade • Build a shed, garage or other detached non-habitable

Do Not install vent terminal under any patio or deck. To help prevent moisture from freezing on walls and under eaves, Water Heater Vent Adapter A Heat-Fab 9301PAL vent adapter or equivalent approved vent adapter is required for vent connection.

PATIO HEATER ANS Z83.26-2007/CSA Certain materials or items, when stored under the heater, will be subjected to radiant heat and could be seriously damaged. 6 Secure the deck cover and bracket to the pole with 4pcs M6X12 bolts. This step also secures the

heater,mustbeplacedinthegassupplyline is from under the unit. 23 CLEANINGTHEINLETFILTER(cont.) Usepressurizedairtoremovedustfromthemain burner,heatexchangerandfanblades.Donotusea wetclothorspraycleanersontheburner.Donotuse Indoor Tankless Water Heater

The Even-GLO Patio heater has been approved for indoor use in non-residential when stored under this heater are subjected to radiant heat can soften, for tightness when mounted to a wood deck. Even-GLO TM Series GA301 Page 14 Rev. July/2012 6 – Assembly .

Patio Design Considerations. Heater placement is critical for effective and efficient patio heating. Remember that this is gas and under pressure, Fixed base model for permanent mounting to deck or patio. (“R” indicates heater with remote switching option.

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