Portable Electric Blower Heaters

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PORTABLE FORCED AIR HEATERS OWNER’S MANUAL 150 SIDE FRONT HANDLE PFA/PV 007 Heater Sizes: 110,000 150,000 155,000 165,000 Btu/Hr Electric Requirements 120 V/60 Hz (Same All Models) Amperage (Normal Run) 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 Hot Air

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3 SDRA – Portable High Temperature Blower Heaters Chromalox® † 103 Gamma Drive Ext. † Pittsburgh, PA 15238 † PH: 412-967-3800 † FX: 412-967-5148 † chromalox.com

Specifications HBX60Q PORTABLE ELECTRIC HEATER centrifugal blower Heavy-duty lifting eyes NEMA 3R Controls, power switches, e-stop button, adjustable thermostat/ blower switch, overtemperature and use in small, portable electric heaters.

Portable Electric Heaters on the Market! Mosebachhas designed the BK1™ to eliminate insect infestation through the use Blower voltage will be taken from the load power. 10” axial fan is extremely quiet and will provide a low noise working

electric blower heater. The DRA can be left Dragon heaters feature a large, easily Portable Spot Industrial Salamander Blower Heater Leg Assembly Each side consists of a one piece, 12 gauge, formed steel member, which accepts a steel

electric blower heater. The DRA can be left unattended without the threat of poisoning from combustion by-products associated with fuel fired heaters. The built in safety features Portable Spot Industrial Salamander Blower Heater (cont’d.)

PORTABLE ELECTRIC HEATERS • Adjustable, automatic thermostat • Efficient fan-forced heat • Safety overload switch with caution light • Heater automatically shuts off if unit overheats

electric blower heater. The DRA can be left Cable Kits for Chromalox DRA Series Portable Blower Heaters PLC-2514-4 15kW 600V 3PH 14/4 SO 15 90°C 3/4 30 600 3 29.1 102,360 0.06 1070 92 DRA-30-93 NS 295646 75 Temp. Wt.

electric appliances 39. model blower/ heater flame generator/ reflector thermostat pcb board knob log set flame screen legs remote firebox/ ef33503ac-log n/a 26-7309 / 26-7310 26-5426 eflh24354ac n/a 26-7147 ef33510as n/a n/a elcg347 26-6034 eflh24369ac

heaters in one [60kW, 90kW and 150kW]. It will provide PORTABLE ELECTRIC HEATER Up to 512,000 Btu/H! Smallest and toughest 150kW heater on · One blower ON/OFF switch with phase rotation · HBX150™ – one 60kW ON/OFF switch

SDRA – Portable High Temperature Blower Heaters Applications • Aircraft Cabin Heating • Plant Maintenance • Building Construction Sites • Curing Plaster and Concrete

Dayton Operating Instructions and Parts Manual 6 Dayton Portable Oil-Fired Heaters ® 101421 Figure 8 – Flame-out Control Reset Button, Models 3E218D and 3E219C

3.2. General safety measures for all portable heaters – please ensure: that heaters are well clear of curtains and furnishings; that electric heaters are not placed under desks; (Portable), Coffee Maker & portable heaters etc

The Chromalox SDRA SuperDragon is a rugged, self contained, mobile electric blower heater that can be used with or without optional inlet or outlet 20” diameter flexible duct. Rental Grade Portable Blower Heater Description

Safety instructions & operation manual PORTABLE INFRARED HEATER Hs–1500-ilo Hs-1500-ism moDels Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of your Heat Storm™ infrared heater.

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