Portable Heaters With Safety Plug

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Safe Use of Portable Space Heaters Electric Space Heaters . To protect your family and your home, you should only purchase space heaters labeled as “Underwriter’s Laboratory (U.L.) Listed” and that has an

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Provided its use is in an approved area and the space heater complies with certain safety requirements: Portable space heaters are never to be used in any areas defined as ♦ Plug the heating unit directly Port0ble space heaters can pose a major workplace fire safety

With a few simple safety tips and precautions you can prevent most heating fires from happening. and space heaters. Never plug a space heater into an extension cord for fuel burning space heaters. Do not use portable propane or kerosene space

DPW Facilities Management does not provide portable space heaters and generally discourages their use because of significant fire (Extension cord must be UL or FM approved with tag/marking visible) Both the heater’s plug and If the electric portable space heater repeatedly

• Portable electric heaters shall be listed and approved by Underwriters Laboratories • Never dry clothes or other combustibles on or directly over heaters. • Always plug the electric heater directly into a wall outlet or use a UL University Safety & Industrial Hygiene Coordinator .

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Space Heaters February 2011 Portable space heaters are devices employed to heat a small, • Space heaters must have an automatic safety switch (tip-over switch) make sure to plug the device into an

Transformer for personnel safety. “ELECTRIC DRAGON” Portable Industrial Electric Blower Cable Kits for Chromalox DRA Series Portable Blower Heaters “ELECTRIC DRAGON” Portable Electric Blower Heater Fits Wt. Plug Type Catalog Number Description Volts Amps Configuration NEMA# ANSI

Portable, Electric Space Heaters By Jim Echard of the plug end or receptacle due to heat should warrant a call to a qualified electrician. Fall 2010 Consumer Products Safety Commission advises to place the heater on a level,

Portable space heaters are a potential source of fire if not used properly. 8. Plug heater directly into a wall receptacle. Never plug it into an extension cord. 9. Heaters need to be monitored daily. Any heater with missing guards, Environmental Health & Safety Director.

Know the facts before purchasing portable electric heaters! In general, portable electric heaters are not a good idea. Besides being very costly to operate, some units represent a serious safety hazard to

For that matter, share the tips with employees who may use portable safety heaters in their homes as the tips apply there too! WHY IT MATTERS It’s better to plug the unit directly into a wall outlet. 6. Inspect the units. Make sure they:

PORTABLE ELECTRIC HEATERS • Safety overload switch with caution light • Heater automatically shuts off if unit overheats • Live power signal light • Full one-year warranty MVB Series Commercial Belt Drive Portable Blower 16 PMRR Plug-in Radiant Heaters 40

Portable Space Heaters . Purpose: The facility ensures that all portable space heaters used at LSUHSC-S comply with the requirements of the NFPA Life Safety Code (LSC) and The Safety Officer or Department Supervisor may remove any

Safety rules when using your portable electric heater: • Read and follow the manufac- • Plug space heaters directly into an outlet; do not use an exten-sion cord. Safety_FullPg_4c_ALL.qxd Author: Karen

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