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Efficient warmth Efficient gas furnaces featuring Power Saver™ technology EL180E

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Heating Options Furnaces & Boilers Condensing gas furnaces are the most energy-efficient furnaces 90 or higher to qualify. Residential gas boilers must have an AFUE of 85 or higher. You may see the ENERGY STAR symbol displayed in various

ENERGY STAR Furnaces Product List List Posted on June 10, Fuel Type In What Climate Regions Does This Product Qualify? AFUE Rating Air Leakage (Qleak) Capable of Two Way Communication? Date EPA ENERGY STAR® Gas Furnaces Product List. Date Available On Market Date Qualified Markets

February 22, 2006 tax credit eligible equipment gas- and oil-fired furnaces 95% afue or greater excerpted from consumers' directory of certified efficiency ratings

The Federal Tax Credit amount for qualified natural gas or propane furnaces based on those furnaces being 2008709 YORK TP9C100C20MP12 97.7 AFUE & AMACF $ 200 2008666 and do not qualify for federal tax credits on their own.

$150 tax credit limit for furnaces (natural gas, propane or oil) $300 tax credit limit for natural gas, propane and oil water heaters with an energy factor of at least 0.82 or a thermal efficiency of at least 90%. Author: Mike Michel

Propane furnaces can also qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label; A. Propane & Heating Oil Prices based on the average of weekly price updates for propane propane gas as a preferred energy source.

LX Series Furnaces When it’s cold outside, everyone York® gas furnaces that meet or exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency energy effi ciency standards of 90% AFUE qualify as an ENERGY STAR

Lennox® natural gas/propane furnaces and boilers that meet an AFUE of *Listed gas furnace models also qualify for tax credits without the “X” in SLP98UH090XV60C SLP98UH110XV60C SLP98UH135XV60D SLP98DF070XV36B SLP98DF090XV36C SLP98DF090XV48C SLP98DF090XV60C SLP98DF110XV60C

Energy Efficient Natural Gas Furnace Modern, Furnaces equipped with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) may even qualify for a tax credit based upon the energy efficiency rating of your new furnace. Learn more at

• Condensing gas furnaces are available in a range of sizes. They can be installed in the same location as the furnace that is being higher to qualify. If you decide to purchase a high-efficiency furnace, you should also consider installing a

National Grid Gas Account Number: National Grid Electric Account Number: Installation Address: _____ City: _____ State or residential electric customer to qualify for the high-efficiency water heating rebates specified in this form.

WHAT’S UP WITH RISING NATURAL GAS PRICES? 1. Your gas bills may go up during the winter heating season as a • Replace old appliances like water heaters and furnaces with new persons who don’t qualify for LIEAP. Contact your local Salvation Army

TRANE 95 GAS FURNACES THE WARM SIDE OF TRANE Innovative furnaces with efficiency in mind TRANE 95 GAS FURNACES Reliable Durable Clean Air Comfort Control

AFUE to qualify for tax credit) Model Series Duncane/Concord 95% Gas furnace 95 95G1UH090CP12 York International Condensing Furnaces 95.5 All models beginning with GG9S

Central Natural Gas Furnaces Requirements: • To qualify, the central natural gas forced air furnace must have an annual Code Description fuel utilization efficiency Rebate Code Gas Pack HA85 HV027 HV026 SA07 SA08 SA09 Heat Pump Unit HA84 HV031 HV030 SA10 SA11 SA12

The Federal Tax Credit amount for qualified natural gas or propane furnaces based on those furnaces being 2008709 YORK TP9C100C20MP12 97.7 AFUE & AMACF $ 200 2008666 and do not qualify for federal tax credits on their own.

The Home Depot with all your heating and cooling (HVAC) system needs. Enjoy the peace of may qualify you for a rebate from your local service utility company. Below are some examples of gas furnaces that your installation professional may recommend during

Latitude ™ Serie S tG9S Mode L 95.5% aFue Latitude ™ Series Gas Furnaces Life always feels better when you have warm comfort choices. That’s what

1 Visit ComfortSite for updates on energy tax credit qualifying products. * Systems qualify based on an AHRI certified matched combination of an indoor and outdoor unit. gas, propane, oil furnaces and packaged systems.

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