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GAS FURNACE SAFETY American National Standard Z21.47/CSA Standard 2.3 for Gas-Fired Central Furnaces, for operation with natural gas or propane. For either type of installation, special venting considerations must be followed.

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Many condensing gas furnaces have an aluminized steel primary and stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. You can’t talk about venting a condensing gas furnace without also discussing draining. The two

Applications for Single-Pipe Venting Bryant’s Condensing Gas Furnace Line Proper Venting of Gas Furnaces3 Evaluating Quality & Quantity of Air The mere fact that a location is outside of the home’s living spaces, however, does not mean it qualifies for single-pipe venting.

RESIDENTIAL GAS FURNACE MODELS: TG9S*MP, GG9S*MP Only use natural gas in furnaces designed for natural gas. Only use propane requiring special attention to avoid unsatisfactory operation of gas appliances. A venting problem or a lack of supply air will result in a

In the USA, installation of gas furnaces must conform with lo-cal building codes. 8 − A multiple furnace installation may use a group of up to GAS EQUIPMENT VENTING SYSTEM PROVIDED.

Must have the training and experience necessary to install gas furnaces. electrical wiring, gas piping and venting. Plan furnace gas supply piping so it will not interfere with removal of burner assembly,

RUUD 90%+ GAS FURNACES. you have two venting options, eight all together, which is two times more than our previous furnace line. The new 90%+ Gas Furnace line offers flexible installation options and 30+ new features

The XT95 High Efficiency Gas Furnaces employ a Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition system, which eliminates the waste of a constant burning pilot. • PVC venting – 1 or 2 pipe vent option • Left/right gas connection • Selectable cooling fan off delay elimi-nates need for BAY24X045

DOWNFLOW/ HORIZONTAL VENTING TABLE TABLE 11 MAXIMUM VENT LENGTH: MODEL DIRECT VENT (2 PIPE SYSTEM) – Installer's Guide – Upflow/Horizontal and Downflow/Horizontal Gas-Fired Condensing Furnaces Models TUC1, AUC1, TDC1, ADC1 Author: tyafs

• Flexible category I venting system: May be vented Downflow Gas Furnaces The high efficiency gas furnace may be installed free standing in a utility room, basement, or enclosed in an alcove or closet. The rounded corner jacket

Natural gas can heat your home by creating warm air, hot water or steam. Most older natural gas furnaces or boilers have efficiencies lower than 65 percent, but a device that prevents flue gases from backing into the heating system flue: a venting passageway for combustion byproducts

Iii Measure Guideline: High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces Prepared for: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory On behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program

ARMSTRONG AIR GAS FURNACES Pricing Effective: July 2013 Revised: – E.o.E. – All prices F.o.B. our Warehouse – Subect to Change Without Notice – All Taxes Extra Venting • Category 4 direct vent appliance

Combustion venting shall be in accordance with materials and methods described in this manual. Installation must comply with local codes. 9. Use of cellular core PVC for venting fl ue gas could result in death, or serious injury.! 3.

FLUE GAS VENTING SYSTEMS Single Wall Residential & Commercial, Flexible, and Concentric Polypropylene Category II & IV Special Gas Vent furnaces. InnoFlue® Single

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS G1D91BU, G1D93BC, G1D93BU, CG90CB, International Company 421 Monroe Street Bellevue, OH 44811 The installation of the furnace, wiring, warm air ducts, venting, etc. must conform to the requirements of the for Gas-Fired Central Furnaces, for operation with natural

In the USA, installation of gas furnaces must conform with lo-cal building codes. 8 − A multiple furnace installation may use a group of up to GAS EQUIPMENT VENTING SYSTEM PROVIDED.

Gas Venting Systems (ULC S636) for Class II-A vent-ing systems (up to 65°C). Components of the vent HORIZONTAL VENTING THROUGH WALL These furnaces may be installed as direct vent (as shipped) or as nondirect vent. Installation must con-

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